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A Simpler Way to Manage Designations and Locations

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How Seacoast Rallied Around Churches in the Louisiana Flood Zone

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Adding Smart Giving to Your Church/Nonprofit's Facebook Page

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How Does My Church's Giving Page Stack Up?

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5 Reasons You Should Switch Your Digital Giving Platform

It seems like every church software company is now offering digital giving in one way or another. With so many options out there, are you sure your current provider is the right one? We dive into the reasons it might be time for a switch!

platform-switch admins

What Churches can Learn from Patreon

What can churches learn from a platform that equips artists to harness shared interest to fund their dreams?

Adventure Church | Total Giving Up 73% After Switching to Kindrid

Adventure Church switched to Give.Church in May 2016. In the 4 months that followed, they increased total giving by more than 73% and saw 2-7 people each month start giving—and keep giving—for the first time.

church-success servant-keeper platform-switch new-givers

Life Christian Center | Digital Giving at a Church of 100 

After transitioning leadership, Life Christian Center decided to look into different giving options. When they joined Give.Church in March 2016, they saw a 14% increase in total giving and found that offering text giving empowered long-time attendees to start giving for the first time.

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Cornerstone Church: Reduce Admin Burden with Kindrid

Give.Church is proven to be the simplest giving platform not only for the Church, but for the admin as well. Take a look at Sally's story!

ccb church-success admins

Action Links Make Giving Even Simpler, For Admins and Givers

Why explain when you can simply send your givers a link?

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3 Simple Steps for a Last Minute Giving Tuesday 2017

With the holidays nearly here, your church may not have planned much for this day of generosity. While we're just a little shy of week away from #GivingTuesday, there's still time to rally your church and ride the momentum into year-end giving!


Kindrid Now Integrates with SimpleChurch CRM

Give.Church now integrates with SimpleChurch CRM + 5 more church mgmt softwares. Check out how these will save you time and money!


Kindrid + Planning Center = awesome!

Give.Church now integrates with Planning Center+ 5 more church mgmt softwares. Check out how these will save you time and money!


Kindrid + Breeze Integration Now available!

Give.Church now integrates with Breeze ChMS + 5 more church mgmt softwares. Check out how these will save you time and money!


Stabilize Your Church's Budget by Encouraging Recurring Giving

Recurring Giving with Give.Church has the power to stabilize your church's budget.

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How the Church Responded: Hurricane Harvey

During Hurricane Harvey, churches mobilized aid at a moment's notice. Now we’re sharing the previously untold story of how churches respond to disasters and what we can learn from them to better serve our own communities in times of crisis.

Give to these Houston Churches and ALL credit card fees are covered

Give to these churches and we'll cover the credit card fees.

Give to the Local Church During Hurricane Harvey

Here are a list of local churches responding to the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. Will you join them?

Is a Complicated log in Experience impacting your church's giving?

The average American has over 200 separate online logins. That's 200 email + password combinations you need to remember on a regular basis. We think security and simplicity go hand-in-hand. We use Text Verification PINs to make your giver's online experience as simple and secure as possible.

giving admins

Is your giving page losing givers?

Givers seek familiarity and security when giving an online gift. Is your giving page secure and familiar?

product-news online-giving

Automatically Increase Your Church's Giving by 2%

Your church is spending too much money on processing fees. Give.Church offers Bank Giving (ACH) at a significant cost savings to your church that will help you keep and do more with your gifts.

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The Next Chapter for Church Giving

If our goal is to see churches and communities transformed through generosity, making giving simple isn’t enough. Unleashing transformational generosity requires a giving platform built for churches.


🚀 Product update: A simpler way to manage Designations & Locations

Important system updates to both Designations and Locations. This enhances your tracking ability for all giving and makes managing Designations & Locations so much simpler.

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Our ChMS Includes Online Giving—Should We Use It? 

When it comes to giving, church leaders often opt for whatever’s included in their church management software. Make sure you ask these 3 questions before you default to your ChMS' giving option.

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How to Avoid Paying 28 Hidden Fees for Your Church's Giving Provider

Trying to figure out which giving provider is the best fit for your church? Make sure your team knows about these 28 (usually hidden!) fees and what you need to ask to find out if they're included, before the first invoice.

pastors admins how-to

Launch: James Kruse and Jared Hogue | Adore Church

Lead pastor James Kruse and Jared Hogue, part of the launch team, share about their journey of planting one of Boston's newest churches—and what it took to get to launch.

launch church-planters stories pastors

Giving Away Your Church’s Biggest Offering

Over the last 8 years, Community Christian dedicates the offering from the first weekend of each fiscal year to a ministry outside their own. And it's totally changed the way their church gives.

giving generosity stories

6 Musts for Every Church Website

Good news: it’s cheaper and easier than ever to build a great looking website. Bad news: you no longer have an excuse to have a poor church website. Make sure your church follows these 6 website musts!

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Planting a Church? Ask Your Launch Team to Give

Generosity needs to be part of our churches' DNA. That's why we encourage planters to foster a culture of generosity within their launch teams, long before launch Sunday. Check out our tips for doing that with your team!

church-planters fundraising giving generosity

What Apple Pay Means for Your Church

Last week, Apple announced that Apple Pay can now be used to make and receive donations. This is big news for churches so we're unpacking how this will grow your church!

technology product-news giving

Exponential Challenge: Celebrate Gratitude

While gratitude may not need to be present in order for someone to give, it is necessary if that giving will ever transform into generosity. That's why we challenged Exponential Chicago to practice some gratitude!

gratitude generosity giving

5 Common Mistakes Churches Make at the Beginning of the Building Process

Building your church's new space requires an average of 50,000 decisions. Check out these common mistakes from the architects at Equip Studio BEFORE you jump into the process.

guest-post stewardship

Inside the Offering: Richard Morgan | Church of the Good Samaritan

Inside the Offering looks at some of the toughest issues facing the church—giving and generosity—with the pastors and leaders working through them.

inside-the-offering giving generosity

Planning Your Church's Year End Giving Campaign

Want to make the most of year-end giving? Your church needs a plan. It doesn’t have to be crazy complicated, but some clear communication, an easy giving solution, and a little forethought can inspire incredible generosity!

giving generosity how-to

Your Church's 2016 Giving Tuesday Blueprint

Want your church to participate in #GivingTuesday, but not sure how to get started? We’ve got your 2016 Giving Tuesday blueprint ready to go!

giving generosity how-to

6 Steps to Establish Your Church's Social Media Strategy

Sly King shares practical takeaways and advice from his experience building The Worship Center's online ministry, from the ground up. The final installment in a series of 3.

giving how-to

Launch: Branden Petersen | Resurrection Life Church

Pastor Branden Peterson describes the journey to launch one of New York City's newest churches.

giving stories church-planters

Your Church is Online...Now What?

Sly King shares practical takeaways and advice from his experience building The Worship Center's online ministry, from the ground up. 2 in a series of 3.

how-to giving

Building Your Church’s Online Ministry

Sly King shares practical takeaways and advice from his experience building The Worship Center's online ministry, from the ground up. 1 in a series of 3.

Launch: Noah Nickel | King's Church

Meet the people behind one of Cleveland's newest churches—and what it took to get them to launch.

church-planters giving stories

5 Reasons Why a Year End Giving Strategy Should be Your #1 Priority

Generis shares practical reasons to invest in your church's year end giving strategy!

giving generosity

What Happens When the Church Loves Generosity

We're joining the Life.Church Open Network in celebrating why #WeLoveTheLocalChurch and what can happen when the church loves generosity!

giving generosity

Activating Your Church at a Moment's Notice

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Celebration Church decided to BE the Church to their local community. Learn how you can too.

how-to stories generosity

Inside the Offering: Dr. Karl Eastlack | Penn-Jersey District of the Wesleyan Church

Inside the Offering looks at some of the toughest issues facing the church—giving and generosity—with the pastors and leaders working through them.

inside-the-offering generosity giving

Engaging Different Types of Givers in Your Ministry

If you want to create a real and lasting culture of generosity, you need to appeal to the four different types of givers and make the act of giving personal and meaningful to each type.

giving generosity

Back to Church: Reengaging Your Church Giving This Fall

As families return from the summer months, this is a perfect opportunity for churches to reengage their congregations, equipping them to start giving again.


Inside the Offering: Van Moody | The Worship Center

Inside the Offering looks at some of the toughest issues facing the church—giving and generosity—with the pastors and leaders working through them.

giving generosity

How Seacoast Rallied Around Churches in the Louisiana Flood Zone

With less than 12 hours notice, Seacoast Church raised $20,000 to support the churches and families affected by the floods. See how they did it.

giving generosity

6 Reasons Smart Giving > PayPal for Churches

PayPal can serve businesses really well. But when it comes to finding a complete giving solution for your church, how does it stack up against Smart Giving?


Church Giving Audit: Are We Communicating with our Givers Relationally or Transactionally?

The language around giving matters—at every level. Assess whether you're fostering a relationship between your givers and your church, or, if you're treating giving more like a transaction.

giving generosity

ARC Church Mobilizes Giving in Response to Texas Flooding

Knowing it would take thousands of dollars to meet the needs of their devastated community, theCHURCH utilized Smart Giving and asked other churches in the ARC community for their support.

giving stories

Celebrating Giving in Our Churches

We celebrate when people make the decision to start their journey with Christ. We celebrate through worship music and baptism. We celebrate making an impact in our community and around the world. Why not celebrate giving too?

giving generosity guest-post

Transitioning to Give.Church

Wondering what it'll look like to switch from your old digital giving provider to Kindrid Smart Giving? Check out our Transitioning to Smart Giving guide to learn how we'll make it a seamless experience.

giving transitioning

Adding Smart Giving to Your Church/Nonprofit's Facebook Page

Learn how to simply add Smart Giving to your organization's Facebook page so you can encourage people to give where they spend so much of their time!

Watch: Giving & Generosity in the Church with Rusty Lewis | Generis

In this 15 minute segment, we ask Rusty Lewis questions that get at the heart of what it means to encourage greater giving engagement and generosity in your church.

giving generosity

Watch: Giving & Generosity in the Church with Jay Fowler | PastorServe

A 15 minute interview with Jay Fowler, Executive Director of the Midwest Region of PastorServe. He shares his heart for pastors and why he believes it's so important for leadership to model generosity.

giving generosity pastors

Why It's So Important for Pastors to Model Generosity

The Executive Director of the Midwest Region of PastorServe shares why it's absolutely crucial for pastors to model generosity for their congregations.

guest-post pastors generosity

Five Dollars: Stories of Big Impact from a Small Gift

We believe generosity changes the world, even if it’s small. That’s why we give away hundreds of $5 Starbucks® cards, asking those who receive to give to another in return. Check out the stories!

giving generosity

7 Common Mistakes Pastor Search Committees Make

When you’re searching for your next pastor, watch out for these seven common missteps of pastor search committees.


Why generosity isn't zero sum

Is it possible to increase giving and engage new givers? It all starts with the way your church thinks about generosity.

giving philosophy

How does my church's giving page stack up?

Take an honest look at the way your church handles giving with this 5 part church giving audit!

technology giving

Transitioning from MinistryGive to Smart Giving

Wondering how to transition your giving from MinistryGive to Smart Giving? Here are some FAQs to get you started.

how-to giving

How Technology Is Forcing Churches To Rethink Community

Technology's dramatically changing how churches interact with their congregations. Today, effective ministries are intentional about these 4 aspects of church.

Remembering your guests when it's time to give

How do you walk the fine line of making sure first time guests feel included in giving but not obligated? The communication experts at Fishhook weigh in.

Kindrid Smart Giving now integrates with Bluebridge!

Now you can add the power of Smart Giving to any Bluebridge app!

Inside the Offering: Denny Hodges | Church of the Highlands

Inside the Offering looks at some of the toughest issues facing the church—giving and generosity—with the pastors and leaders working through them.

Teaching the tithe

What does it mean to teach the tithe? This church doubled down on their commitment to irrational generosity to find out.


Make summer your 3 most generous months ever

While the summer giving slump is notoriously tough for churches, we want to challenge you to make these next 3 months the most generous you've ever seen.

Is your church abundance minded or scarcity minded?

The difference in these two mindsets is a good indicator of how your church will respond when it comes time to give.


Church giving audit: Are We Engaging New Givers?

Take an honest look at the way your church handles giving with this 5 part church giving audit!


Talking About Giving as Part of a Tiered Communications Strategy


Kindrid's teaming up with Subsplash!

Have a Church App? Now you can add Kindrid Smart Giving for no monthly fees!


Giving is: Reflections on the urgency of generosity

Eddo Kim, The Supply's CEO, challenges our tendency to gloss over the urgency of today and cling to the hope of tomorrow, instead of giving NOW.


What is Smart Giving?

Smart Giving is a text, online, and in-app giving solution designed to engage new givers. Watch how it works in 30 seconds!


How Highland Park Church switched to Smart Giving

Highland Park Church switched their church from kiosk and online giving to Smart Giving and saw a 10% increase in new givers. See how they did it!


Church Giving Audit: Do we have these 6 barriers to giving at our church?

Take an honest look at the way your church handles giving with this 5 part Church Giving Audit series.


Guest Post: Nervous about transitioning to an e-bulletin? There’s a chance you’ve already taken one huge step in that direction

Fishhook brings us the second installment in the Communicate Generosity series: 10 reasons your church should transition to an online bulletin!


Updated dashboard design

We redesigned the Kindrid dashboard to better serve our admins and reflect what we believe about giving: it's a relationship, not a transaction!

product-news giving

Church canceled this winter? Giving doesn't have to be!

We're in the thick of winter and that means that sometimes, church gets cancelled. When it does, can people still give?


BEHIND Kindrid: What motivates us

Our cofounder and CEO shared the vision behind Kindrid during a talk to college kids. Learn what makes us tick and why we think it's so important.

generosity giving

9 lesser known benefits of online giving

Here are 9 benefits of switching to online giving you may not have realized before.


Church Giving Audit: Do we engage in giving monologues or dialogues?

Take a honest look at the way your church handles giving with this 5 part church giving audit.


Guest Post: Building a relationship through online giving—5 Ways for your church to further engagement

Explore the impact your online giving page could have by examining these 5 tips with the church communication experts at Fishhook!

giving online-giving

Roll out Smart Giving with a special offering

Vintage City Church rolled out Smart Giving as part of a special offering and saw increases in total giving and new givers!


How to use MailChimp to foster better relationships with your givers

We're digging deeper in this on­going series of the best tech tools for church admins. Today we’re turning to MailChimp.


Inside the Offering: Pastor Jeff Manion | Ada Bible Church

Inside the Offering looks at some of the toughest issues facing the church—giving and generosity—with the pastors and leaders working through them.

generosity leadership giving

Infographic: Has giving increased in the last 40 years?

We offered a snapshot of how the church offering's evolved over the last 200 years. Now we want to look at how much giving's increased in this new infographic!


Leveraging Instagram for your next church giving campaign

Use these tips and tricks to make the most of Instagram during your church's next giving campaign.

technology giving

Infographic: Evolution of the Church Offering

Check out how giving's changed over the last 200+ years in this infographic!


A New Year's resolution worth keeping

Practical tips to turn what may have started as an ambitious and well-­intentioned New Year's resolution into a sustainable lifestyle choice.

generosity giving

Book Review: The Giver and the Gift, with actionable takeaways for your church

Leverage key takeaways to flip the way your church talks about giving from a transactional monologue to a collaborative dialogue.

generosity giving

New guide: Choosing the right digital giving solution for my church

Brimming with advice, practical comparisons, and helpful definitions, discover how to choose the right digital giving solution for your church.

how-to giving

Generosity & gratitude, 3/3: 5 Ways to model gratitude as a church

Need creative ways to thank your givers? 5 ways to express gratitude and reinforce generosity. The final post in a series of three.

generosity giving

Generosity & gratitude, 2/3: Why you always need to thank your givers

Why do we need to thank the givers in our church? Second in a series of three.

generosity giving

Generosity & gratitude, 1/3: You can’t have one without the other

What's the relationship between gratitude and generosity and why is it so important to express one just as frequently as the other? First in a series of three.

generosity giving

Unleash Joy giveaway: See who won 200 Starbucks gift cards!

Want to find out who won 200 Starbucks gift cards and how you can experience the joy of generosity in your own church? Read on.

generosity giving joy

3 Ideas for year end giving that inspires year long giving

If you're overwhelmed with year end giving and need ideas to inspire your congregation, we have three that might help!

how-to generosity giving

Experiencing the joy of generosity this Christmas is easier than you think

Enter for a chance to win 200 Starbucks gift cards and engage your church in a transformational generosity experience!

generosity joy

Church responds to refugee crisis with irrational generosity

A California church raised over $50,000 through Smart Giving for persecuted refugees. See how they did it.

generosity technology giving

7 Ways to activate your church for #GivingTuesday

Wondering how to get your church involved in #GivingTuesday? Check out some of our ideas!

how-to generosity leadership giving

Millennial givers: 3 takeaways to keep them engaged

Learn how to leverage millennials' unique tendencies to create a robust culture of generosity at your church.

how-to generosity technology giving

New guide: 5 Steps for launching something at your church

With over 1,000 churches served, we know what great rollouts look like. Here are 5 steps you can use to launch new initiatives at your church.

how-to leadership

Church admins, reclaim your time with these 3 daily productivity hacks

Kindrid's compiled some of the best tech tools to help our church admins work to the best of their abilities.


Which digital giving solution is best for my church?

Leighton Cusack, Co­founder and CEO of Kindrid, guides churches through the process of choosing a digital giving solution.


Unleash generosity across the web with the new Smart Giving Button

Kindrid's unleashing generosity in all new ways with the launch of the Smart Giving Button: now you can give online with the click of the Button.

product-news giving

7 tech tools that make church admin work less painful

Church admins do an incredible job, but we all feel the weight of busy days. Check out these productivity hacks to help you reclaim more of your time!


5 TechNology myths churches believe and what you need to debunk them

Technology is an incredible asset to church ministries, but there are common myths that hinder our ability to effectively leverage it.


Digital giving: Where are we? Where are we going? What should you know?

Kindrid's Co­founder and CEO discusses digital giving with the ECFA. Key takeaways and practical tips are included in this free webinar.

technology giving

Walking in generosity: A tour of good music and giving

The Walking Guys, a Nashville based band, tell of the unexpected generosity they've experienced walking the tour down the East Coast.

generosity stories

Why you can't out give God

What if we gave immediately, even if we felt like we couldn’t afford it? Stories of God's faithfulness amidst the difficulties of life.


The type of leader it takes to create an empowering culture

The Kindrid team shares takeaways from their time at the LifeChurch.tv Network Summit in September and Craig Groeschel's lessons in leadership.


What happens when you buy coffee for 25 strangers?

The Kindrid team anonymously purchased 25 cups of coffee so others could experience unexpected generosity ­­and then watched what happened.


How we challenged people to 'give what you can, take what you need'

A couple weeks ago, we put out a challenge. The generosity that flowed out of it was more than we could've ever imagined.


Does text and online giving make tithing impersonal?

Swipe, click, scroll: sometimes everything we do feels like it’s mediated by a screen. Paying bills, booking a flight, buying groceries. Giving?


Raising $1 million in 12 hrs: 5 lessons churches can learn from HONY

How Humans of New York used technology to mobilize millions in giving­­-virtually overnight.

generosity stories

Inspiration Award: Why generosity can't be cancelled

What do you do when a severe snowstorm threatens to close your doors on Sunday morning?


Theology of Smart Giving: 5 things we believe (Part 2)

The theology behind the technology over 50,000 people use to give.


How LifeChurch.tv used Smart Giving to engage 400+ first-time givers [Case Study]

LifeChurch.tv used giving technology to help over 400 new people engage with generosity.


Theology of Smart Giving: Why don't we use cash registers in church? (Part 1)

Why don't we use cash registers in church? Because giving isn't a transaction.


How a pastor's midnight decision completely shifted church giving

One pastor set up smart giving in 15 minutes while laying in bed. Now 75% of his church's giving comes through Kindrid Smart Giving.

stories technology fellowship-one church-management-software f1

Q&A with Rusty Lewis: 'Churches are creating obstacles to giving'

Generis' Rusty Lewis shares his thoughts about why the church is creating obstacles to giving if they don't have a mobile alternative.

insider generosity

5 Questions to ask and answer before choosing a text giving service

Choosing a text giving service is an intimidating process. Conversations with partners revealed five big concerns and what it took to convince them.

generosity technology

Healing Place Smart Giving Rollout

Healing Place rolled out Smart Giving just in time to combat the summer giving slump!

How to Keep Your Church Engaged with Giving This Summer

Summer giving is, on average, 13% lower than the previous three months! How can your church keep people engaged this summer? We have a few ideas.


Scheduled Giving Made Simple

Smart Giving just got a whole lot smarter! Scheduled giving means more consistency for your givers...and your church!


5 C’s to Overcoming the Communication Barrier to Giving

Sometimes, the way we communicate about giving actually limits our effectiveness. Learn how you can change your approach to invite more people to give!


Keep Your Congregation Engaged with Smart Giving

Explore 5 keys to keep givers engaged and using Smart giving, long after rollout!


Building a Culture of Generosity vs. Increasing Giving

Are you increasing giving at your church or increasing generosity? We'll examine why you might be confusing the two.


7 Common Questions about Smart Giving

Find the answers to some of the questions you might have about Smart Giving.


Breeze Church Management Integration

Smart Giving seamlessly integrates with Breeze Church Management software!

Church Planters: 5 Effective Ways to Help Raise Money

Church planters have a hard task in front of them. We want to make it easier with these tips to increase giving at your church plant!


8 Stories to Inspire a Lifestyle of Generosity

Dive into 8 stories meant to inspire generosity at your church or nonprofit!


ACS Integration Live!

Smart Giving seamlessly integrates with ACS Church Management software! Check out this free guide to get started.

product-news church-softwares how-to

The Generosity Ladder

Learn about Generous Church's "Generosity Ladder" and how you can challenge your givers to climb higher towards a lifestyle of generosity.


5 ‘Outside the Box’ Church Fundraising Ideas

Here are some creatives ideas to help you inspire generosity!


Free Resources for Churches

Check out these resources designed specifically for churches...and the best news? They're completely free!

Church of the Highlands Smart Giving Rollout

Church of the Highlands did an amazing job rolling out Smart Giving with their givers!

giving rollout

How a NYC Church Used Smart Giving to Fundraise Their Vision

Redeemer Presbyterian ran a fundraising campaign on Giving Tuesday creatively using Smart Giving. They saw some spectacular results!


Smart Giving by Text Rollout

Bethel Church in California did an awesome job rolling out Smart Giving with their congregation.


Church Community Builder Integration

Smart Giving seamlessly integrates with Church Community Builder (CCB) Church Management software!


New & Improved Church Software Integrations !

A giving tool is only useful when it’s simple for givers and church admins. We think Smart Giving will fit the bill.


Smart Giving Rollout

Lake Hills Church shares their sign up and rollout story using Smart Giving.


Introducing LifeChurch.tv as a Founding Kindrid Partner

Life.Church is one of the most innovative churches in the country, known for YouVersion, The Bible App for Kids, and now, Kindrid Smart Giving.


New Features!

We've made some important improvements to Smart Giving that will make a big difference in your church's experience.


Making Generosity Personal

A Smart Giver shares her experience tithing by text!


Giving By Text Now The Preferred Method

New research shows that millennials now say text giving is their preferred method of giving.


Smart Giving Impact

The impact of Smart Giving is in the numbers. Our churches see significant gains in new givers and total giving!


Arena Software Integration

Smart Giving seamlessly integrates with Arena Church Management software!


Heartbleed Security Update

Heartbleed security update and what it means for you.


Kindrid + Your App = Seamless Giving

Many Churches have mobile applications, but when you tap the “Give” button, user experience falls apart. Not so with Smart Giving.


Kindrid Giving Case Study

Winston Salem First saw considerable gains in new givers and total giving after rolling out Smart Giving.


Setting Up Your Kindrid Account

Administrators are often surprised by how simple setting up a Kindrid giving account is...but don't take our word for it!


How-to-Give Video

Service will never stop after sign up. We created this new resource to ensure just that.


Sharing Text Giving with Your Church

Our cofounder shares the best way to introduce Smart Giving to your congregation.


We Have Partnered Up With Convoy Of Hope

Help us support Convoy of Hope!


Sharing Kindrid!

Are you a decision maker who needs more information about Smart Giving to share with your team? Download our overview!


Raising $33,000 in One Night with Smart Giving

We're often asked how nonprofits can successfully use Smart Giving at one time fundraising events. CARE for AIDS' annual gala is a perfect example.


New Barna Research on Importance of Text Giving for Churches

Barna recently discovered a trend that will make a big difference in your church.


Four Year-End Giving Tips

Cornerstone Church shares their 4 tips for year end giving!


Review & Testimonials Part 2

What do our churches have to say about Smart Giving?


New “How-to-Give” Video

Share Smart Giving with your church using this new instructional video!

how-to giving

Reviews & Testimonials

A pastor using Smart Giving weighs in and shares how this new way to give impacted his church.


Kindrid + Fellowship One = Cheerfully Simple Giving

Smart Giving seamlessly integrates with Fellowship One Church Management software!


How to Share Smart Giving With Your Church

We're often asked the best way to share Smart Giving with your church. Here's your 5 step guide to rollout success!


What Mobile Giving Means to Your Church - Five Lessons

62% of those between 18­32 give using their phones. Are you making the most of that statistic in your church?


Bridging The Gap Between Good Intentions and Generosity

Why does Kindrid exist? We want to eliminate barriers to giving and equip everyone to give with a single tap.


Partner Spotlight #2: Project Rwanda

Kindrid cofounders rode across the country in 2008 raising $70k for Project Rwanda. Now Project Rwanda is Kindrid's newest partner!


There’s a new way to be generous.

Generosity looks a little different today than it did a decade ago. Make sure your church is ready to engage this new generation of givers!


Redeemer City to City

Cities are the epicenter of culture. How do we reach them? Answer: sustainable church planting, like Redeemer City to City’s new campaign, God Loves Cities.


This Simple Little Form is the Only Thing Between

We want to help your church engage new givers and increase giving. Here's how we think we can do it!


Introducing Kindrid 3.0

We're pivoting! While our mission hasn't changed, our strategy has...check out what that means for your church!


Kindrid’s First Birthday and Praxis is Invited!

We're celebrating our first birthday and have some big news about what the next year holds!