5 C’s to Overcoming the Communication Barrier to Giving

You’re a church that wants generous hearts much more than you want money.

But there are several issues that get in the way of accomplishing that goal. These issues usually revolve around communication, or the absence of it.

We want to help you overcome this obstacle of communication so we’ve put together a short checklist to guide you the next time you talk about giving.

5 C’s to Overcoming Giving Communication Issues

1. Communicate

Communicate the options for giving on a consistent basis. The last thing you want is a giver who feels lost at sea. Always remind your congregation that there are options for giving that suit them perfectly, whether that is through traditional or technological avenues.

If you’re using Smart Giving, mention that option by integrating it into your announcements, talk notes, and website.

2. Comfort

Make people feel comfortable taking out their phones during the service. With the advent of Bible apps, you already want to create a welcoming environment for smartphones to be out during the service.

This is especially true if you’re encouraging generosity through Smart Giving or other text-to-give tools.

3. Consistent

Keep the look and feel consistent. Maintain your unique presentation of giving.

For churches who use Smart Giving, we provide all the raw design files of their customized rollout materials. This means you can change them however you want, to help you keep consistency in the way you communicate generosity to your church.

4. Coach

Coach people through the process of giving, step by step. For both live acts of giving as well as online gifts, it’s worth it to take time and explain your processes.

No one wants to feel stupid or frustrated during an act that is meant to help them experience the joy of sacrifice. Help them feel fully comfortable and secure when making their gifts.

5. Cheer

Finally, cheer them on. Make them feel good about whatever option they’re using. If they like writing checks, that’s great. If they prefer cash, that’s wonderful too.

You just want to make sure everyone is aware of the range of options available to them; after that, there’s nothing left to do but celebrate whichever one they choose!


Communication should never stand in the way of a church’s culture of generosity.

With a little time and planning, you can effectively communicate giving and generosity to your congregation in a meaningful way. It won’t deplete much of your energy, yet the resulting culture that will emerge is so important for raising up generous disciples.

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