Check out 5 digital giving features that save churches money AND help unleash generosity throughout the year.

5 money-saving digital giving features your church shouldn't ignore

Generosity fuels your church’s vision. It’s a vital part of furthering ministry and helps make real change possible within in your community. That’s why it’s important to focus energy on increasing digital giving participation. In the same vein, it’s important to make cutting costs a priority costs to ensure the most money is in your church’s bank account for whatever comes next. 


One area that’s often overlooked when budgeting for ministry is digital giving features that actually save money. Churches ignore these opportunities because many don’t realize their giving platform even offers ways to reduce costs.

At Kindrid, we don’t just provide tools that unleash generosity—we build money-saving features directly into our platform. Check out 5 of those digital giving features your church shouldn’t ignore if you want to save money.


1. Convenience fee options


People are passionate about the church’s mission, and that’s one reason they give. But, they don’t often consider the small expenses the church absorbs. That’s where convenience fees come in. Convenience fees can be used to help cover processing fees, shipping costs, and more.


Simply add convenience fees to any form you create, whether it’s for selling t-shirts, giving, or registering for an event. You choose to make this fee an option or a requirement. You also select whether you want this fee to be a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the gift.


2. Single transaction giving for multiple funds


By allowing people to give to multiple funds in a single transaction, the church saves money on transaction fees.


For instance, let’s say someone wants to divide their gift between your church’s general fund, youth ministry, and an upcoming mission trip. They can give to all 3 funds at once, and only a single transaction fee is applied (rather than 3 separate transaction fees).


3. Virtual Terminal


The Virtual Terminal lets you to give on behalf of those that would rather the church manage their gifts. Remember, some people prefer the convenience of filling out their gift information on a paper form and having the administrator complete the transaction.


Not only does this feature inspire generosity, but it also saves money because it’s accessible for credit cards and ACH gifts (and ACH always come with lower processing costs).


4. Recurring giving programs


While recurring giving doesn’t save money per se, it does increase consistent generosity. This helps your church stay within budget (and avoid overspending).


Kindrid provides many ways to make gifts recurring, like text, in-app, and online. Plus, the recurring giving option is more visible to givers on our Forms feature. Simply enable recurring giving when building a form. Then, the “Make this Gift Recurring” box will appear when the form first loads. No need to select a fund or enter an amount to see this option.



Take recurring giving to the next level by enrolling in our scholarship program, Youth UpLift. Your church can actually earn up to $2,000 in scholarship funds the more recurring givers you have!


5. Success Coaches


If you really want to unleash generosity and save the most money to further ministry, schedule 1:1 training sessions with a Success Coach. During the sessions, you’ll learn more about money-saving digital giving features, get coaching on specific tools and functionality, and access marketing materials and resources to help you save time and spread the word!


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