5 Reasons You Should Switch Your Digital Giving Platform

Let’s be honest. It’s 2018, and your church more than likely has some form of digital giving solution in place. It seems like every church software company is now offering digital giving in one way or another. With so many options out there, are you sure your current provider is the right one?

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider switching your digital giving provider:


1. Cost

Just because your solution offers a $0/month subscription fee doesn’t mean it’s the least expensive. Processing fees are what really add up over time. Double check your current processing fee rate. If it’s over 3% per gift, you’re paying too much. If your ChMS provides giving, is it included at an additional cost?

(Another option to look into is tiered processing rates, meaning the more gifts given, the lower your processing rate. This can be an awesome way to encourage higher giving participation AND save a ton of money.)


2. User friendliness

Is your platform built to encourage and inspire NEW givers to participate in giving? Is it simple to use? Do you hear frequent comments from your givers about how much they love the system? Or, are there more often complaints over how difficult it is to use?

Has giving increased since introducing the platform to your congregation, or has it stayed the same? These are some key indicators that will help you determine whether your current solution is serving you well.

Digital giving should always be user friendly and inspire new people to start giving to your church, not just shift existing giving from cash and check to digital.


3. Admin functionality

You may save money on lower processing fees, but losing time and effort trying to accurately account for all that giving is part of the top-line impact you need to consider.

Are your financial admins getting the reporting they need from your platform? Is the dashboard simple enough to navigate? Does it integrate with your Church Management Software?

We recommend having a sit down with your team to discuss the simplicity of your current provider.


4. Features, features, features

More features don’t always make a better product. But, there are definitely some key features you should be able to check off in your digital giving provider:

  • Unified Text AND Online Giving (at no additional cost)
  • Recurring giving and bank giving (ACH)
  • Unlimited designations
  • Giver account access
  • Automatic ChMS Integration

5. A platform that's dedicated to serving your church long after sign up

Does your current platform truly exist to serve the Church? Is the support team always available to answer your questions and concerns? Do you have a success coach ready to help you get the very most out of your platform and inspire giving participation?  

Kindrid has TWO teams dedicated to directly serving your church:

Support Team: Our support team has a 98% positive approval rating and a 2-minute average response time to support inquiries (that’s fast!).

Church Success Team: We also pair you up with a 1:1 Church Success Coach. We’re with you from set up to launch, helping you maintain consistent communication and trainings throughout your entire Kindrid experience.

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