6 Reasons Smart Giving > PayPal for Churches

Looking to buy a one-of-a-kind collectible from eBay?  Selling your handmade crafts on Etsy? PayPal is perfect.  


Wanting to inspire generosity and facilitate giving in your church?  It might not be your best bet.


PayPal is great if you want to buy and sell online. But that's exactly why it feels so out of place in a church setting, even it's a virtual one. Giving is a relationship, not a transaction.

That’s why we created Smart Giving. Built out of an understand of giving and generosity, Smart Giving seamlessly integrates into your church experience, equipping everyone to give with a single tap by way of text, in-app, and online giving—not distracting them with shopping carts and confusing language.


Smart Giving vs PayPal



PayPal and Smart Giving will both provide you with a secure, online solution for accepting money through multiple forms of payment and don't require the user to re-enter card information or passwords. Both will deposit funds directly into your church’s bank account. And both have buttons that can be placed across multiple web pages.

Those are basic online giving functions that any solution should include.  But is that really all your church needs to encourage greater giving and buy-in to the vision of your church?


We’ve talked with hundreds of churches about what they really need in a digital giving solution, especially when cash and check aren't in hand during weekend services. Smart Giving will serve your church better than PayPal in 6 key ways: 


1. All-in-one solution

Smart Giving includes text, app, and web-based giving options.  PayPal only facilitates app and/or web transactions, requiring churches to use multiple services to jerry-rig a solution that ends up confusing and frustrating givers and is a headache for your church admin. Smart Giving includes one of simplest ways to give: by text. Then, if your givers want to use their computers to give, they'll be automatically registered. And, instead of downloading another app, you can either simply text your church's Smart Giving number or integrate Smart Giving directly into your church’s existing app. 

2. Rollout support & resources

We work with more than 1,500 churches (and counting!) to help them not only add Smart Giving to their websites, apps, and encourage people to give by text, but also partner with church leadership to craft a rollout strategy to ensure their congregations actually use Smart Giving. We bring that wealth of knowledge, as well as customizable resources (slides, handouts, etc..) to make rollout as simple as possible.


3. Custom church branding

Our goal is for your church to never even know Kindrid exists. Smart Giving is completely customizable so that it blends in with your church’s existing branding, style, look, and feel.

4. Gift designation & recurring giving

Unlike online shopping where one transaction = one purchase, givers often wish to designate individual gifts to specific campuses or ministries.  Smart Giving uses an easy keyword system so givers can specify where they’d like their gift to go, and, whether they'd like to set up a recurring gift .

5. Church management software integrations

Since Smart Giving was built with churches in mind, we provide direct integrations  into the following systems: Church Community Builder, Breeze, Ministry Platform, Fellowship One, Shelby, Arena, and ACS. We also work with churches using a variety of other management software.


6. Church-centric

Kindrid is for the church, by the church. Everything we do is intended to serve the local church, making it known for generosity. This is reflected in our product, philosophy, and price. We're always reinvesting back into our product with the desire to make it a more effective tool for you and we've already lowered our processing rates to benefit the you. Our desire is to partner with you to put your vision back into the hands of your church.


Ready to see the impact Smart Giving will have at your church? 


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