7 Common Questions about Smart Giving

Smart Giving was designed with the marriage of simplicity and generosity in mind. But to make things even simpler, here are a few answers to the most commons questions that churches ask about Smart Giving.

1) Can we make designated gifts?

Yes! "Keywords" or "designations" are tools for raising money for a specific cause. When keywords are used, they will show up in the transaction history under the "keyword" column. If you are using a software integration they will tie directly into your church software.

2) How do we track giving?

We provide a dashboard to track all your giver information. Test it out!

If you are not using our software integrations, you can download all giver data (name, email, amount, time of gift, designation) in an excel spreadsheet, add admins to your account, add keywords, and much more!

If you use our software integrations, we provide tools to keep your records up-to-date even more seamlessly.

3) Does it integrate with my church management software?

We built direct integrations for Smart Giving into the following systems: Church Community Builder, Fellowship One, Shelby, Arena, and ACS.

Even if a direct integration isn’t yet available, we offer a variety of tools to make importing your data simple.

The door is also wide open for churches to build a custom integration; we offer a REST API & Webhooks.

4) How long does it take to get started?

Just 10 minutes! Choose the plan that suits your church and you’ll be guided through the sign up process.

You will be asked to give information about your church and bank, provide a credit card for the monthly fee, and choose your Smart Giving number.

And with that, your account will be live! We’ll email you some next steps, customized materials, and software integration guides to help you transition forward with Smart Giving.

5) Are there any hidden or additional costs?

No! We’ve built are plans to be all inclusive. Each plan includes customized roll-out materials, unlimited and free support, and post sign-up engagment.

Additionally there are no contracts, sign up fees, cancellation fees, or anything of that nature.

6) Can we track campus giving?

Absolutely. With Smart Giving, you can track giving for multiple campuses and keywords. These designations also tie directly into all our church software integrations.

7) How do we roll this out?

Helping churches communicate Smart Giving is one of our top priorities. When you sign up with us, here are a few of the specific things you’ll receive:

Our goal is to fully equip you to successfully roll out without adding to your team's workload. We'd love to talk with you about the impact Smart Giving could have at your church. Schedule a time to speak with someone from out team! 

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