Learn the best ways to re-ignite online giving and participation this fall when people return from a distracting summer and kids go back to school.

A quick back-to-church guide for ministries

Did you know nearly 1/3 of all moves happen between June and August? Couples between ages 25 and 44 with one or two kids in school are typically the ones relocating. Of the millions of families that move in the summer, 34% search for a place of worship in their new community.


While you can expect to see new visitors in August, you should also prepare for familiar faces to return as vacations wind down and kids go back to school. Here’s a quick guide for ministries (of all sizes!) to better prepare for the increase in giving and participating in the fall.


Welcome everyone with open arms


It can be intimidating to return to church if you’ve missed more Sunday services than you planned or didn’t give consistently. It can even make you hesitant to visit again.

Send a personal message to those you haven’t seen much over the summer inviting them back. Let them know you’ve missed them and look forward to seeing them at upcoming services and fall events.


Get People Back in the Spirit of Giving


It doesn't take long for summer distractions to pull churchgoers away from activities they would usually participate in. Unfortunately, giving to the church is one practice people tend to fall out of during peak vacation months. Help your church get back in the spirit of giving with these 2 tips.


#1: Introduce (or reintroduce!) your giving platform


Whether it's your first time introducing online giving, or you're reminding people of the ways to give, here’s a few effective ways to spread the word.


  • Engage with people about the ways they can give through your website, on their smartphone, and via text. Post the options on bulletin boards, in emails, on social media, and any place that your church has a presence.
  • Show people how simple giving online is, so there’s no excuse! Share a slide before service or during your offering with instructions.
  • Talk about giving during sermons and other live events like a fall festival. Make sure volunteers and admins are knowledgeable on the giving features, so they can help answer questions.

Remind your church every week the ways they can give and how to do it. This is important because over 60% of church attendees visit monthly or sporadically, rather than every Sunday. By highlighting the ways to give every week, you don't risk anyone missing your message.


#2: Encourage recurring giving


When you’re talking about the ways to give during service, make sure to add a slide that encourages recurring giving. Recurring giving benefits both the giver and the church. Churches can better forecast for ministry, and givers don’t need to worry about missing a gift. Plus, compared to one-off gifts, recurring givers donate 42% more annually.


Sponsor Back-to-School Outreach Events


Fall schedules are packed with back-to-school activities for families, community members, and teachers alike. With everyone in back-to-school mode, sponsoring a fall school-themed outreach event just makes sense. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


  • Sponsor a seminar at the church for parents on handling modern/digital issues at school. Topics like social media and cyberbullying are on their minds, and they’re always in search of helpful information and guidance.
  • Partner with local schools for a supply drive. Encourage teachers to get involved by creating lists of essential supplies for each school they represent.
  • Host a back-to-school brunch after a Sunday service. Bring people together with eggs, pancakes, and fresh fruit! Before eating, offer a blessing for teachers and families in hopes of a wonderful school year.


When hosting events and organizing generosity campaigns this fall, be specific about the purpose behind them. Don’t just say the church is sponsoring a backpack drive. Tell people about the school, the students, and include those little details that touch the heart. People are more likely to bring supplies and give when the cause speaks to them and connects faith to action.


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