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A Simpler Way to Manage Designations and Locations

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How Seacoast Rallied Around Churches in the Louisiana Flood Zone

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Adding Smart Giving to Your Church/Nonprofit's Facebook Page

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How Does My Church's Giving Page Stack Up?

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Raising $1 million in 12 hrs: 5 lessons churches can learn from HONY

How Humans of New York used technology to mobilize millions in giving­­-virtually overnight.

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Inspiration Award: Why generosity can't be cancelled

What do you do when a severe snowstorm threatens to close your doors on Sunday morning?


Theology of Smart Giving: 5 things we believe (Part 2)

The theology behind the technology over 50,000 people use to give.


How LifeChurch.tv used Smart Giving to engage 400+ first-time givers [Case Study]

LifeChurch.tv used giving technology to help over 400 new people engage with generosity.


Q&A with Rusty Lewis: 'Churches are creating obstacles to giving'

Generis' Rusty Lewis shares his thoughts about why the church is creating obstacles to giving if they don't have a mobile alternative.

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Healing Place Smart Giving Rollout

Healing Place rolled out Smart Giving just in time to combat the summer giving slump!

5 C’s to Overcoming the Communication Barrier to Giving

Sometimes, the way we communicate about giving actually limits our effectiveness. Learn how you can change your approach to invite more people to give!


Keep Your Congregation Engaged with Smart Giving

Explore 5 keys to keep givers engaged and using Smart giving, long after rollout!


Building a Culture of Generosity vs. Increasing Giving

Are you increasing giving at your church or increasing generosity? We'll examine why you might be confusing the two.


7 Common Questions about Smart Giving

Find the answers to some of the questions you might have about Smart Giving.


Breeze Church Management Integration

Smart Giving seamlessly integrates with Breeze Church Management software!

8 Stories to Inspire a Lifestyle of Generosity

Dive into 8 stories meant to inspire generosity at your church or nonprofit!


ACS Integration Live!

Smart Giving seamlessly integrates with ACS Church Management software! Check out this free guide to get started.

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The Generosity Ladder

Learn about Generous Church's "Generosity Ladder" and how you can challenge your givers to climb higher towards a lifestyle of generosity.


Free Resources for Churches

Check out these resources designed specifically for churches...and the best news? They're completely free!

How a NYC Church Used Smart Giving to Fundraise Their Vision

Redeemer Presbyterian ran a fundraising campaign on Giving Tuesday creatively using Smart Giving. They saw some spectacular results!


Smart Giving by Text Rollout

Bethel Church in California did an awesome job rolling out Smart Giving with their congregation.


Church Community Builder Integration

Smart Giving seamlessly integrates with Church Community Builder (CCB) Church Management software!


New & Improved Church Software Integrations !

A giving tool is only useful when it’s simple for givers and church admins. We think Smart Giving will fit the bill.


Smart Giving Rollout

Lake Hills Church shares their sign up and rollout story using Smart Giving.


Introducing LifeChurch.tv as a Founding Kindrid Partner

Life.Church is one of the most innovative churches in the country, known for YouVersion, The Bible App for Kids, and now, Kindrid Smart Giving.


New Features!

We've made some important improvements to Smart Giving that will make a big difference in your church's experience.


Making Generosity Personal

A Smart Giver shares her experience tithing by text!


Giving By Text Now The Preferred Method

New research shows that millennials now say text giving is their preferred method of giving.


Smart Giving Impact

The impact of Smart Giving is in the numbers. Our churches see significant gains in new givers and total giving!


Heartbleed Security Update

Heartbleed security update and what it means for you.


Kindrid + Your App = Seamless Giving

Many Churches have mobile applications, but when you tap the “Give” button, user experience falls apart. Not so with Smart Giving.


Kindrid Giving Case Study

Winston Salem First saw considerable gains in new givers and total giving after rolling out Smart Giving.


Setting Up Your Kindrid Account

Administrators are often surprised by how simple setting up a Kindrid giving account is...but don't take our word for it!


Sharing Text Giving with Your Church

Our cofounder shares the best way to introduce Smart Giving to your congregation.


We Have Partnered Up With Convoy Of Hope

Help us support Convoy of Hope!


Sharing Kindrid!

Are you a decision maker who needs more information about Smart Giving to share with your team? Download our overview!


New Barna Research on Importance of Text Giving for Churches

Barna recently discovered a trend that will make a big difference in your church.


Four Year-End Giving Tips

Cornerstone Church shares their 4 tips for year end giving!


Review & Testimonials Part 2

What do our churches have to say about Smart Giving?


New “How-to-Give” Video

Share Smart Giving with your church using this new instructional video!

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Reviews & Testimonials

A pastor using Smart Giving weighs in and shares how this new way to give impacted his church.


Kindrid + Fellowship One = Cheerfully Simple Giving

Smart Giving seamlessly integrates with Fellowship One Church Management software!


What Mobile Giving Means to Your Church - Five Lessons

62% of those between 18­32 give using their phones. Are you making the most of that statistic in your church?


Bridging The Gap Between Good Intentions and Generosity

Why does Kindrid exist? We want to eliminate barriers to giving and equip everyone to give with a single tap.


There’s a new way to be generous.

Generosity looks a little different today than it did a decade ago. Make sure your church is ready to engage this new generation of givers!


This Simple Little Form is the Only Thing Between

We want to help your church engage new givers and increase giving. Here's how we think we can do it!


Introducing Kindrid 3.0

We're pivoting! While our mission hasn't changed, our strategy has...check out what that means for your church!


Kindrid’s First Birthday and Praxis is Invited!

We're celebrating our first birthday and have some big news about what the next year holds!