A Simpler Way to Manage Designations and Locations

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How Seacoast Rallied Around Churches in the Louisiana Flood Zone

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Adding Smart Giving to Your Church/Nonprofit's Facebook Page

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How Does My Church's Giving Page Stack Up?

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Best Online Giving Platforms for Small Churches

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Online Giving for Churches: The Complete Guide for 2022

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How to Switch Online Giving Platforms at Your Church




Top Online Giving Tools for Churches in 2021

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7 Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Day in 2021

Get inspired by these 7 Pastor Appreciation Day gifts for this unique year and show your appreciation in October for all the hard work.


How to Receive Church Donations Online

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How to Develop Legacy Givers

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6 Things that are hampering your fund management

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Interview with a Success Coach Pt. 1

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Monthly Product Releases from Kindrid (March 2021)


increase generosity with recurring giving

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How to make a lasting first impression on visitors

Engage more people to join your church by applying proven techniques to make your first impression lasting.

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Monthly Product Releases from Kindrid (January 2021)


Everything you need to know about church apps

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Choosing the Right Digital Giving Solution For Your Church

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4 Ways to Improve Donor Communication this Giving Season

Church Leaders Share Impact of COVID-19


Monthly Product Releases From Kindrid (Sept 2020)

Here's the latest enhancements from Kindrid including a new ticketing feature to make event registration even more efficient.


Monthly Product Release from Kindrid (Aug 2020)

There were some impactful releases this month including better ways to manage recurring gifts, engagement material to show people how to give, and more.


How to Create an Impactful Church Branding Strategy

Learn the best strategies to ensure your church's brand rises above the noise online and is recognized in a glance.

mobile-apps-for-churches church-technology mobile-technology church-mobile-apps

Monthly product releases from kindrid (July 2020)

This month, we released helpful updates like a new Training tab in your manager portal, the option for givers to edit their recurring gifts, and more!


Custom Branded Apps

Custom Branded Apps are coming to your giving platform! Learn more about how to take full advantage of this tool for your church or organization.

Monthly Product Releases from Kindrid (June 2020)

Review our newest features and updates like 9 Dot, giver help link, filter resets, recurring giver prompts, and much more!


4 Ways to Increase Recurring Gifts Right Now

Increase recurring gifts amid COVD-19 with these tips and tools that make it incredibly easy for people to be consistently generous.

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Monthly Product Releases From Kindrid (May 2020)

Enjoy the latest releases to Transactions, Recurring Giving, email templates, and more that are designed to save time and energy in your day.


Reopening Your Church? Make Sure You Know These 4 Trends

Here’s a quick look at a few must-know trends as churches reopen their doors. Apply or expand on these when the time is right for your church to reopen.

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monthly product releases from Kindrid (April 2020)

Our new gift receipt designs are cleaner, customizable, and keep givers informed whether you want to say thank you or alert them their card is expired.


7 Ways to Inspire Older Generations to Participate in Online Church

Check out ways to inspire older adults and less tech-savvy people to participate in online church and engage in generosity amid the COVID-19 crisis.


monthly product releases from kindrid (Mar 2020)

We've made updates to our permission settings, so you have more control as you bring in online volunteers, and we have new customizations on the horizon.


A Beginner's Guide to Online Church

If you're beginning to take church online, or you want a refresher, our guide lists the tech you need to get started, tips for older adults, and more.


Monthly Product Releases from kindrid (Feb 2020)

Our latest product releases include new options to modify auto donations, adjust funds on donor gifts, and much more!


Monthly Product Releases from Kindrid (Jan 2020)

Check out the latest digital giving releases and enhancements from Kindrid, and take a sneak peek at what's coming soon!


Why do churches switch digital platforms in the new year?

Learn why (and how) churches switch giving platforms in the New Year, and explore the techniques they use to increase generosity while making the transition.

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The best digital giving updates of 2019

Check out the top digital giving feature updates of 2019, and learn what's on the horizon for the New Year.


5 money-saving digital giving features your church shouldn't ignore

Check out 5 digital giving features that save churches money AND help unleash generosity throughout the year.

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5 impactful digital giving features for Churches on #givingtuesday

Take your church’s #GivingTuesday campaign to the next level with these 5 digital features that inspire engagement and unleash generosity.

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welcome to ministryid!

MinistryID is a single sign-on solution to connect products ministries use every day and allows access to multiple applications using one credential.

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8 gift ideas for Pastor appreciation month

Here are 8 ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month to help you celebrate everything they do day-in and day-out.


A quick back-to-church guide for ministries

Learn the best ways to re-ignite online giving and participation this fall when people return from a distracting summer and kids go back to school.

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4 time-saving tips to boost event participation

Growing church event attendance doesn't have to be time-consuming! Check out these 4 time-saving tips to increase participation at your next event.

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11 Ways to Beat the summer slump (once and for all!)

Beat the summer slump for good with these 11 tips that unleash generosity and inspire participation.

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How to increase recurring giving in your church

Increase recurring gifts in your church with proven tips that engage 100% of your people.

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Redeemer City to City


New guide: Choosing the right digital giving solution for my church

giving how-to

10 Tips to Prepare for High Attendance Days at Church

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5 Reasons You Should Switch Your Digital Giving Platform

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Life Christian Center | Digital Giving at a Church of 100 

servant-keeper giving-trends generational-giving church-success small-church app

Cornerstone Church: Reduce Admin Burden with Kindrid

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Action Links Make Giving Even Simpler, For Admins and Givers

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3 Simple Steps for a Last Minute Giving Tuesday 2017


Kindrid Now Integrates with SimpleChurch CRM


Kindrid + Planning Center = awesome!


Kindrid + Breeze Integration Now available!


Stabilize Your Church's Budget by Encouraging Recurring Giving

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How the Church Responded: Hurricane Harvey

Give to the Local Church During Hurricane Harvey

Is a Complicated log in Experience impacting your church's giving?

giving admins

Is your giving page losing givers?

product-news online-giving

Automatically Increase Your Church's Giving by 2%

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The Next Chapter for Church Giving


🚀 Product update: A simpler way to manage Designations & Locations

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Launch: James Kruse and Jared Hogue | Adore Church

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Giving Away Your Church’s Biggest Offering

giving generosity stories

What Apple Pay Means for Your Church

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Exponential Challenge: Celebrate Gratitude

giving generosity gratitude

Inside the Offering: Richard Morgan | Church of the Good Samaritan

giving generosity inside-the-offering

Planning Your Church's Year End Giving Campaign

giving generosity how-to

Your Church's 2016 Giving Tuesday Blueprint

giving generosity how-to

Launch: Branden Petersen | Resurrection Life Church

giving stories church-planters

Launch: Noah Nickel | King's Church

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What Happens When the Church Loves Generosity

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Activating Your Church at a Moment's Notice

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Inside the Offering: Dr. Karl Eastlack | Penn-Jersey District of the Wesleyan Church

giving generosity inside-the-offering

Back to Church: Reengaging Your Church Giving This Fall


Inside the Offering: Van Moody | The Worship Center

giving generosity

How Seacoast Rallied Around Churches in the Louisiana Flood Zone

giving generosity

6 Reasons Smart Giving > PayPal for Churches


Church Giving Audit: Are We Communicating with our Givers Relationally or Transactionally?

giving generosity

ARC Church Mobilizes Giving in Response to Texas Flooding

giving stories

Transitioning to Give.Church

giving transitioning

Adding Smart Giving to Your Church/Nonprofit's Facebook Page

Watch: Giving & Generosity in the Church with Rusty Lewis | Generis

giving generosity

Watch: Giving & Generosity in the Church with Jay Fowler | PastorServe

giving generosity pastors

Five Dollars: Stories of Big Impact from a Small Gift

giving generosity

How does my church's giving page stack up?

giving technology

Transitioning from MinistryGive to Smart Giving

giving how-to

Kindrid Smart Giving now integrates with Bluebridge!

Inside the Offering: Denny Hodges | Church of the Highlands

Teaching the tithe


Make summer your 3 most generous months ever

Is your church abundance minded or scarcity minded?


Church giving audit: Are We Engaging New Givers?


Kindrid's teaming up with Subsplash!


What is Smart Giving?


How Highland Park Church switched to Smart Giving


Church Giving Audit: Do we have these 6 barriers to giving at our church?


Updated dashboard design

giving product-news

Church canceled this winter? Giving doesn't have to be!


BEHIND Kindrid: What motivates us

giving generosity

9 lesser known benefits of online giving


Church Giving Audit: Do we engage in giving monologues or dialogues?


Roll out Smart Giving with a special offering


How to use MailChimp to foster better relationships with your givers


Inside the Offering: Pastor Jeff Manion | Ada Bible Church

giving generosity leadership

Infographic: Has giving increased in the last 40 years?


Leveraging Instagram for your next church giving campaign

giving technology

Infographic: Evolution of the Church Offering


A New Year's resolution worth keeping

giving generosity

Book Review: The Giver and the Gift, with actionable takeaways for your church

giving generosity

Generosity & gratitude, 3/3: 5 Ways to model gratitude as a church

giving generosity

Generosity & gratitude, 2/3: Why you always need to thank your givers

giving generosity

Generosity & gratitude, 1/3: You can’t have one without the other

giving generosity

Unleash Joy giveaway: See who won 200 Starbucks gift cards!

giving generosity joy

3 Ideas for year end giving that inspires year long giving

giving generosity how-to

Experiencing the joy of generosity this Christmas is easier than you think

generosity joy

Church responds to refugee crisis with irrational generosity

giving technology generosity

7 Ways to activate your church for #GivingTuesday

giving generosity how-to leadership

Millennial givers: 3 takeaways to keep them engaged

giving technology generosity how-to

New guide: 5 Steps for launching something at your church

how-to leadership

Church admins, reclaim your time with these 3 daily productivity hacks


Unleash generosity across the web with the new Smart Giving Button

giving product-news

7 tech tools that make church admin work less painful


5 TechNology myths churches believe and what you need to debunk them


Digital giving: Where are we? Where are we going? What should you know?

giving technology

Walking in generosity: A tour of good music and giving

generosity stories

Why you can't out give God


The type of leader it takes to create an empowering culture


What happens when you buy coffee for 25 strangers?


How we challenged people to 'give what you can, take what you need'


Does text and online giving make tithing impersonal?


Theology of Smart Giving: Why don't we use cash registers in church? (Part 1)


How a pastor's midnight decision completely shifted church giving

technology stories f1 fellowship-one church-management-software

5 Questions to ask and answer before choosing a text giving service

technology generosity

Scheduled Giving Made Simple


Church Planters: 5 Effective Ways to Help Raise Money


5 ‘Outside the Box’ Church Fundraising Ideas


Church of the Highlands Smart Giving Rollout

giving rollout

Arena Software Integration


How-to-Give Video


Raising $33,000 in One Night with Smart Giving


How to Share Smart Giving With Your Church


Partner Spotlight #2: Project Rwanda