Automatically Increase Your Church's Giving by 2%

Your church is spending too much money on processing fees. 

Typical processing rates for digital church giving are between 2.5% and 3.5% per gift. This may not seem like much, but consider this:

Based on our system averages, a person will give $3,500/year to her church. Let’s say your church has 100 consistent givers. Total digital giving will account for $350,000/year.

With typical processing rates, this means you’re paying $12,000/year in fees. That’s $12,000 that could fund team salaries, missions projects, family ministries, community aid, facility updates (etc…). This is where Bank Giving (ACH) comes in.


We created Kindrid to equip 100% of your congregation to give instantly. Because we want to see the Church known for generosity, we offer a money-saving feature called Bank Giving (ACH). 


Bank Giving allows givers to connect their Giving Accounts directly to their bank accounts. So, instead of giving from a debit or credit card, they're able to give through a direct bank transfer - saving your church money through lower processing rates.


 Bank Giving matters in two ways:

  1. More ways to give increase total giving. We know it’s crucial to offer your church multiple Giving Methods and allow your givers to choose the option that fits their needs best. With Kindrid, Bank Giving is another simple and secure way to give.
  2. Your church should keep as much of a gift as possible. Processing fees for Bank Giving are only 0.5% + 40 cents per gift.

When you compare Bank Giving to traditional debit/credit card processing, you can increase giving by 2% or even more! Remember that $12,000 we mentioned earlier? With Bank Giving, you’ll pay a fraction in fees: $1,750.

Watch this 2 minute video to see how simple it is to set up a bank account with Kindrid! If you're interested in learning more about how Kindrid can decrease costs and increase giving, schedule a demo with our Church Growth team.


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