Back to Church: Reengaging Your Church Giving This Fall

Summer's end is fast approaching and fall is just around the corner, which means church attendance will soon be on the up and up.


As families return to their homes, schools, and places of worship, many will come out of the summer months with a "back to reality" mindset. This is a perfect opportunity for churches to reengage their congregations and encourage and equip them to start giving again. Why not meet this goal by inviting your church to commit to regular giving?


Signing your church up for Smart Giving takes less than 10 minutes, and it can be rolled out to your congregation on the first Sunday that most members are back in the “pew.” Smart Giving equips your church with straightforward, instantaneous giving in an age where few people bother carrying around cash or checks. The simplicity of Smart Giving may even encourage members to begin giving consistently whose involvement in the tithe has been irregular or nonexistent in the past.


Most importantly, a simple giving platform allows givers to spend less time asking, "how?" and more time experiencing spiritual closeness and security with Christ through trusting, generous giving.


If Smart Giving is right for your congregation, here are a few practical ways to include it in your church's “Back to Church” campaign:


Announce the opportunity via email

If your church usually shares news via email, consider sending a message like this:

Dear [Church],

It's here! Soon, we’ll all be trading our beach hats and sunscreen for backpacks, work clothes, and busy fall schedules. Luckily, this also means we’ll see you back at church, hopefully ready to reengage with your community and see what Christ has in store for us this year!

In the spirit of this “Back to Church” season, we’re excited to announce that [Church] has partnered with Smart Giving. Rather than limiting ourselves to cash or check, this simple, text giving platform allows you to further the Lord’s work in through our church, from anywhere. We also hope thatif you choose to give in this waySmart Giving will make tithing a more personal, intentional, and deeply spiritual experience.


Thank you for partnering with us and believing in the vision of our church!


[Your Church]


Invite your church to give via social

You may also take to social media avenues like Facebook and Twitter to promote a “Back to Church” giving campaign. With a brief status update or post, let your congregation know about the exciting switch to Smart Giving and link to your giving page, or simply post your Smart Giving number!


The beauty of using these platforms to encourage giving is that your message can (and most likely will) be quickly spread through shares and retweets.


Incorporate the instructions in your sermon

Pastors can also embrace the spirit of heading “Back to Church” in their sermons. Fall is often a season where people are open to introspection, looking for areas in need of self-improvement as they make their ways back to school or the office. This also makes it a great time for pastors to encourage members to reconsider how and why they giveor challenge them to start giving if they haven't before.


Whether or not your church saw a decrease in giving during June, July, and August, the "Back to Church" season is the perfect time to invite your church to be generous! Take 10 minutes and sign your church up for Smart Giving and use the ideas here to reengage your congregation this fall.


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