Building a Culture of Generosity vs. Increasing Giving

Building a culture of generosity and increasing giving are often conflated. Is there a difference?  When we start thinking about generosity, it’s easy to fall into two simplistic views:    

  1. Increasing generosity is equal to increased giving
  2. Increasing generosity is irrelevant to increased giving.

In the first, we’re limiting generosity to only financial giving. But it’s possible a church may be consistently increasing in generosity without seeing corresponding increases in the area of financial giving.

In the second, building generous disciples is the aim but no attention is paid to their giving patterns. Churches may be uncomfortable talking about money so the sole emphasis is placed on non-financial generosity. This misses the chance for a local miracle: the loosening of a tight, worried hand by the gentle prying of the Holy Spirit.

Building a Culture of Generosity

The reality is, building a culture of generosity often has the byproduct of increasing giving, but it’s not the sole aim. Generosity is much bigger than financial giving: it’s creating a lifestyle by laying the foundation for God's Kingdom to thrive in us.

It’s about fostering an environment in which the sharing of time, talent, and treasure is encouraged and deeply valued. In order to create this environment, there are many issues to overcome. Some of these issues center on our hearts, some of them are about communication, and some are about technology.

At Kindrid, we strive to address the technology and communication issues. Smart Giving provides an invitation to smartphone users to engage in generosity through a method they can understand. But we recognize that we’re just a part of the larger puzzle.

Churches that implement Smart Giving do see an increase in giving but that is a byproduct, not our end goal. We want to encourage churches not to focus on increasing giving but unleashing generosity. This will impact giving at your church but will do so much more.

Read more about this concept of holistic generosity beyond financial giving by checking out this post from Generous Church.  

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