Celebrating Giving in Our Churches

Churches cultivate what they celebrate. We celebrate when people make the decision to start their journey with Christ. We celebrate through worship music and baptism. We celebrate making an impact in our community and around the world. Why not celebrate giving too?


For some, talking about money is uncomfortable—a taboo subject that you avoid at all costs. But it shouldn’t be that way in the Church. We should regularly reflect on God’s blessings, show gratitude, and celebrate the generous spirit of our congregations as we give back to Him what He entrusts to us. So what does that look like?


A great way to celebrate giving is by sharing stories.


Paint the picture of how God is using your congregation's gifts to impact your church, local community, and the world. Tell stories of people who have been helped spiritually, physically, and/or emotionally through your church’s generosity. Real people and genuine emotion—it’s memorable and moving.


Besides inspiring greater giving, sharing stories shows your congregation where their money is going, how it’s making a difference, and how it supports your church’s mission. Not only is your church’s generosity a way to thank God for all He’s done for us, but it furthers the Kingdom and points people to Christ. Don’t forget to make this connection in your storytelling!


Ideas to celebrate giving through story


Celebrate giving in-service


During the offering time, consider showing a video of a family in great need. Perhaps the father is battling cancer, and your church has come alongside them to offer encouragement, prayer, and a financial gift toward his medical expenses. Share what it meant to that family to have their needs met and know that your church really cares about them during a difficult time.


And when circumstances allow, how moving would it be to have those you helped come tell the congregation their story and have the opportunity to thank the church in person?


Maybe a missions partner in another part of the world benefitted greatly from a recent gift. Through your church’s generosity, perhaps you helped provide clean water for hundreds of people in a village in Africa. These families no longer need to walk miles for water, let alone chance drinking from unsafe sources. Imagine how wonderful it would be to share this story and photos from the pulpit, celebrating lives changed through your gift of water!


Celebrate giving on your church's blog, email newsletter, and social media


Your church’s blog and social media platforms are the perfect place to share stories that celebrate giving. You can bring compelling stories to life through blog posts on your website, complete with photos, and then share them on social.


Maybe you helped a single mom with the money needed to purchase a reliable car for her and her children or your church assisted a family with a few mortgage payments after one of the parents was laid off. Maybe a child in your congregation is having an invasive surgery, and your church offers prayers, meals, and a gift toward the family’s living expenses while they’re away from work caring for their child. No matter what the stories are, your blog and social media platforms are two of the best channels to share inspiration.


Celebrate giving by creating a space for spontaneous sharing 


In addition to sharing the stories of those helped, invite your congregation to share their own stories of generosity and how God moved in their hearts to give generously to a particular need. Maybe your church invests in a sermon series or a seasonal church-wide campaign around the stories of generosity in your church. Or consider having a form on your website where stories are collected and shared through the church’s communications efforts—from blog posts, social media, and email newsletter to videos and stories in service.


Whichever shape it takes at your church, celebrating giving creates an environment where people are encouraged to thank God for their blessings and are moved to give for the first time, motivated to give consistently, or inspired to give more than they ever have before.


And that just gives you even more reasons to celebrate!

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