Cornerstone Church: Reduce Admin Burden with Kindrid

Adopting a new giving platform can be daunting. First time set up may add additional stress to your already busy week. Honestly, we’d be concerned if you didn’t have any concerns about introducing digital giving to your staff and church.


What if we told you that joining Kindrid is so simple, an administrator with no background in accounting easily mastered the system (and loves it!)?


Last week, we visited Sally Kwekel from Cornerstone Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Cornerstone is a thriving church of 2,500+ attendees and has trusted Kindrid with their text giving for more than 4 years!


As Contributions Administrator, Sally manages record keeping for all of the church’s weekly giving, including Kindrid contributions. Digital giving currently accounts for about 48% of the church’s total giving.


Cornerstone relies on our integration with Church Community Builder for a seamless handoff between systems. Sally really appreciates the integration because, like she joked, she doesn't even need to know how it works—just that it does work. "Gifts always show up in the right place within CCB," Sally reports. She went on, 


“I have no formal accounting experience and had no problems adapting to the system.”


When we asked Sally to tell us more about her experience with Kindrid, she rattled off a list of things that make her life as an admin simpler:

Sally also shared about her work with Cornerstone's Generosity Team. The Generosity Team is made up of employees and volunteers who pursue the mission of generosity within the church. We love seeing admins intimately involved in building their church's culture of generosity, especially when they're equipped with a giving platform that makes it easy and joyful for people to give when they're moved to do so. 

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