How to Keep Your Church Engaged with Giving This Summer

Spring is upon us and summer is soon to follow. Summer brings a lot of things but often means a drop in attendance due to vacations and summer distractions.

In a recent study done by Fellowship One, a leading church management software, church giving in June, July and August of 2013 was 13% lower than the previous three months!

Our intent is not to scare you with that stat, but to empower you! You know that attendance is going to be lower in the summer months but maybe you haven’t established a plan to engage your givers with generosity.


At Kindrid, we created an incredible tool to do just that!


Keep Your Church Engaged Ahead of Time

Last month, we rolled out a new feature within Smart Giving called “scheduled giving.”


With it, your church-goers can set up recurring gifts on a weekly, twice monthly, or monthly basis, all managed through a simple text message.


We knew we needed to do something to empower the Church this summer season. People may want to continue to give generously while they’re running around during the summer, but the reality is, it's hard to remember amidst the many distractions of the season. Your church-goes rarely have the opportunity to go online and make a gift.


You can effectively invite your church to practice generosity during the summer by helping them practically prepare for it!


One way to do that is to explain our scheduled giving feature from the stage. Along with your regular communication on giving, give a quick walk-through of our latest feature. This will ease the minds of church-goers who want to keep giving but find it difficult to mail a check each week.


With one text and a quick selection of frequency, giving can be set for the entire summer and beyond.


Physical Absence, Spiritual Presence

While you won’t have as many physical attendees during summer services, you’re still loving and leading them. Committing to setting up scheduled gifts with your congregation will unleash generosity like never before.


This upcoming season may seem daunting, but scheduled giving can help bridge budget deficits and generosity can spark something amazing at your church. This generosity creates a lifestyle in which the foundation for God's Kingdom thrives in us.


If you have more questions about the new scheduled giving feature, we have a FAQ page just for you!


If you're interested in introducing Smart Giving for the first time to your congregation, choose a time to speak with someone from our team! 

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Mark Schrader
Mark Schrader
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