Engaging Different Types of Givers in Your Ministry

Think of your three closest friends. Now think about going out to eat, picking a place to take a vacation, or even just choosing a movie to watch on a Friday night... all as a group. Chances are, from Italian to Indian, balmy beach to ski lodge, or comedy to foreign drama, you’ll all feel like eating, vacationing, or watching something different.


God made us all different in our personalities, preferences, and spiritual journeys, so why should pastors and church leaders try to reach their entire congregations through just one kind of engagement? Sure, it might be easier, but to create a real and lasting culture of generosity, you need to appeal to the four different types of givers and make the act of giving personal and meaningful to each type. 


4 types of givers

  • Gifted givers
  • Thoughtful givers
  • Casual givers
  • Reluctant givers


Don’t try to reach all four with one appeal, wasting time, money, and opportunities! The more you recognize the different kinds of givers and meet them at their levels of need and expectation, the more worthy you become of their support. Pay attention to the four types and transcend mere fundraising—help grow real givers in God’s kingdom!


If you would like to learn more about understand and engaging different types of givers, we created a resource that will help you identify, empathize, and equip the different types of givers in your ministry, maximizing your efforts of bridging the gap between funding and vision. Download it here

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