Everything you need to know about church apps


For many churches that have found their footing online during the past year, a Church App is an obvious next step to help you better connect with your community and take engagement with your congregation to the next level. People spend an average of 4 hours a day on their phone, and 3 hours and 25 minutes of that is in-app. That’s because apps provide a user-experience that’s simply more enjoyable. In fact, 8 in 10 people prefer using apps over mobile websites.


The question shouldn’t be whether your community will use a church app—it should focus on the features, pricing, and support to ensure you get the best church app. Still nervous about entering the app space? Don’t forget that the MinstryOne Mobile App is actually included in any Kindrid plan and you have nothing to lose by taking advantage of this incredibly full-featured tool!


Here we break down those essential components, so you feel empowered to go activate MinistryOne for your church.


An overview of features


Features are key for a successful church app that cultivates generosity and encourages engagement. When you’re reviewing the different features, think about how they’ll equip your church to connect on a deeper level.


Push notifications

Push notifications boost engagement up to 88% because they rise above the noise online and on social media. When a push notification is enabled, 65% of users return to the app. This allows you to mobilize your church quickly for natural disaster fundraisers, outreach event invitations, and more.


Media options

Audio, video, podcasts, and other forms of media are easy to add to MinistryOne and ideal if you want to engage 100% of your church. Roughly 28% of people that want to attend church can’t go due to poor health, lack of time, or living too far away. With media options, your church meets people where they are.


On-the-go giving

On-the-go giving is an essential feature because generosity can happen at any moment. Within seconds, people can give, whether they’re listening to a sermon at home or they’re sitting in Sunday’s service.


Seamless communications

Calendars, events registrations, sign up boards for classes, and more are convenient to manage. A church app keeps all connections in one place, so admins and members stay organized and informed.


Simple customizations


Your app needs to reflect your church’s brand because creating a sense of familiarity leads to even more engagement (and giving!). MinistryOne is easy to modify so you can add your logo, colors, and more. MinistryOne is free, but if you’re looking for something even more tailored to your church, consider a Custom Branded App for an additional cost.


A closer look at pricing


While other giving providers offer church apps in a price range from $59/month up to $299/month (not to mention the additional set up fees), the MinistryOne Mobile App is fully included with your Kindrid plan. You’ll get the same excellent level of support you know and love from Kindrid, with no additional setup fees! All you have to do is login and activate it within your account to get started.


A rundown of the customer support experience


Launching an app may feel a little overwhelming at first, but our church success coaches are with you every step of the way. We guide you through the live launch and help your church keep the momentum going for years. We work with churches of all sizes and provide a customer support experience that goes above and beyond.


Even if you’re confident with new software, it’s important you have access to fast and knowledgeable support. This way, you empower church leaders and admins to easily manage the app. Plus, when you join Kindrid, you get free resources and launch material, so you engage 100% of your people (and save time in the process).


Your next steps to access MinistryOne


Ready to connect with your community beyond the walls of the church? Activate MinistryOne in your Kindrid account!


If your church doesn’t currently use Kindrid, don’t hesitate to schedule a live demo to learn more.

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