Four Year-End Giving Tips

One of our partners, Cornerstone Church recently shared these four year-end giving tips. We thought they were great ideas and wanted to share them with everyone.

Does your Church or non-profit have any special year-end giving advice? We would love for you to share it with us. 

From Cornerstone - 

A spectacular way we can honor God in the last quarter of the year is with our personal finances. Why not consider these ideas for practicing sound financial stewardship?

1. Do NOT go into debt for Christmas. Make a year-end plan today that will save you from spending yourself into debt.

2. Give an extra big tip to your next waitress/waiter.

3. Spend a few minutes after you’ve read this letter to ask God to give you direction on who needs a blessing in their life and how you can bless them.

4. Make a year-end gift to your Church. The stock market has risen 17% during 2013. Avoid capital gains tax on appreciated stock by giving the stock directly to Cornerstone (and receiving a tax deduction instead!)

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