Healing Place Smart Giving Rollout


Healing Place did an exemplary job rolling out Smart Giving and introducing their congregation to giving through text. The video above was shown in all their services and campuses. Healing Place generously allowed us to share the video as a resources for more churches to use.

We wanted to highlight a few specific things they did well.

  • Timing of rollout: With the summer giving slump looming, Healing Place rolled out Smart Giving to make giving during the summer months even easier. 
  • Personal touch: The video starts with an introduction from Geoffrey Hearn and an explanation of his role at the church. Although it may seems obvious, this is an important step. Having someone from the church make the announcement and offer their personal approval of the system helps people feel more comfortable and confident using a new method of giving through text.
  • Focused on the security of Smart Giving and our refund feature: Geoffrey was sure to let everyone know that Smart Giving is incredibly safe and that any giver can always refund a gift in case of a mistake. This is another important way to make first time users feel comfortable giving via text to your church.
  • Supporting online instructions: Finally, Healing Place supported all of this with excellent documentation on their website. It’s important to work this mobile Smart Giving option into the same places you talk about all your other giving options. Doing this reminds your congregation that the church fully supports this new method of giving.

If you’re interested in setting up Smart Giving for your church, we'd love to help!

If you're interested in more resources that explain the best way to roll out Smart Giving, download our free resource guide below.

5 Keys to Successful Rollout

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