How a pastor's midnight decision completely shifted church giving

We recently caught up with Jason Cahill, lead pastor from River’s Edge Church in Boise, who shared his church’s experience using Smart Giving.


Jason first heard about Kindrid through a mentor at Generations Church last August. At that point, given the size of his own congregation, he wasn’t convinced they could afford Smart Giving.


But after learning that River's Edge still hadn’t signed-up nine months later, Jason's mentor at Generations Church teased him for having such a bad excuse and told him to just do it.


At midnight that same evening, Jason and his wife set up their Kindrid account and were finished 15 minutes later. Smart Giving at River’s Edge was ready to launch the next morning. 


Knowing the service was backed by Life.Church and fully integrated into Fellowship One, Jason trusted his mentor’s advice to prove itself—in turn, gaining congregational support was incredibly simple. The results are truly astonishing. 


River’s Edge Church rolled out Smart Giving six weeks ago. Since then, Kindrid Smart Giving accounts for 75% of total giving.


Jason reflected, “People knew they should give, but didn’t, because it wasn’t easy enough. Over the last six weeks, those people have begun tithing.” He’s even had people thank him for making giving so easy!


Despite his initial hesitancy to sign up for Kindrid, Jason was thrilled with the simplicity and speed of the process, both on the front-end with account set up and now, as his congregants regularly text their tithes. 


Signing up for Smart Giving takes less than 10 minutes!


In a culture where people rarely carry cash or check, Smart Giving empowers the church to enter into greater obedience by tithing in a way that works with their lifestyles, pouring back just some of the blessings they themselves received. 


Setting up an account with Kindrid takes most people less than 30 minutes—and half that time, in Jason’s case. If you’d like to learn more about reengaging your own church giving and transitioning more of it to the Smart Giving platform like River’s Edge Church did, reach out to team for a demo. 


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