Learn the best strategies to ensure your church's brand rises above the noise online and is recognized in a glance.

How to Create an Impactful Church Branding Strategy

Many churches ignore strategies to improve branding because they don’t think it’s necessary or fear it’ll come off as superficial. Some see it as a simple logo and a few splashes of color, and nothing more. But, your church’s brand distinguishes you from others and tells the story of your unique mission. 


When done well, branding works because it solidifies your church’s identity and values. People recognize your church in a glance and are naturally drawn closer to your vision. This level of engagement helps unleash generosity, increases participation, and builds lasting relationships. 


Whether you’re just getting started or heightening your current efforts, here’s how to create an impactful branding strategy for your church. 


Consistency is key


If there’s one branding strategy you implement to the fullest, make it consistency. Your logo, colors, and other visual assets should be the same across every touchpoint. When people find you on social media and your website or receive emails and pamphlets, they should know with a brief look that it’s your church. 


If you’re struggling to keep your church’s brand consistent, schedule routine audits of all accounts to ensure your designs and content works cohesively. Take note of aspects that don’t sync well together and adjust them accordingly. 


Upgrade to a custom branded app


A mobile app is a must-have tool for churches. The full-featured church app, MinistryOne, is included with every Kindrid plan and is loaded with features. 


  • Giving
  • Multimedia
  • Prayer requests
  • Push notifications
  • Child check-Ins
  • Events registration
  • ChMS integrations
  • Consolidated giving history
  • Live streaming integration
  • Launch resources


Consider taking MinistryOne beyond the standard customizations by upgrading to a custom branded app. Custom branded apps provide a tailored experience and grab the users’ attention. They increase loyalty because everything from the app icon to the splash screen to the app’s name are centered around your church’s distinct brand.


CBA Splash shadow


Customize giving pages and registration forms


When performing your audit, don’t forget to check your giving pages, event registrations, volunteer sign ups, and other forms you build. Forms give you control over background colors, images, fonts, buttons, and other elements that people routinely interact with. 


It’s okay to tweak areas to highlight themed events or showcase a season, but your church’s brand should still be recognizable even with unique design elements incorporated. 


Form branding shadow


Identify your church’s voice across all platforms


If you haven’t established your brand’s voice yet, now is a perfect time. When people see your logo and colors, they’ll expect that same tone to be reflected in the content, whether light-hearted, witty, optimistic, or formal. 


If you have multiple people creating social posts, blogs, and writing emails for generosity campaigns, provide clear directions on how your voice should sound so it stays true to your brand.


Create a church brand guide


Keeping up with consistent and effective branding is challenging for all sized churches. One of the best ways to stay organized and ensure everyone is on the same page is to create a church brand guide. 


In your guide, include color palettes used for visual designs, a current logo, font choices, and other branding elements like voice. List all the places that your brand is visible, so you know exactly where to go for audits and updates. By staying organized, it’ll be easier to keep your church brand consistent and up to date, and your community will notice!


Learn more about upgrading to a custom branded mobile app


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