How to Share Smart Giving With Your Church


We often get asked, “How should I talk to my Church about Smart Giving?” 


Every Church is different but we’ve noticed a few underlying themes in successful Church rollouts. We wanted to share the above video from Winston Salem First because their launch embodies these themes.


Read the points below and then watch the video for inspiration. When you’re ready to get started, head to


1. Have The Pastor Try It Out! 

One key indicator of a successful launch is whether the pastor has actually tried it. There’s a big difference between conceptually knowing how the system works and understanding the simplicity for yourself.


Winston Salem went a step above and their Pastor actually made a gift on stage! This is helpful because it illustrates how it works and also shows the congregation Smart Giving is acceptable. 


2. Explain Why You’re Introducing Smart Giving.

You’re not introducing Smart Giving just because it’s cool. There is a real need to reach the audience at your Church who don’t carry cash or checkbooks. Smart Giving allows them to worship in a way that is safe, practical and familiar to them. 

At Winston Salem Pastor Rakes makes the point that people are already using their cellphones in Church. So why not offer them a way to make their giving easier?


3. Give People Time To Try it. 

Smart Giving is simple and quick but takes a few minutes for the initial setup. Winston Salem allowed the proper amount of time because they actually made the gift on stage. 


4. Encourage People to Save the Number

Encourage people to save this as “Your Church Name Smart Giving”. Doing this means they’ll never have to enter the number again and can simply start a new text message to the contact they saved.

You’ll notice Winston Salem did a great job of encouraging people to save the number.


5. Have Fun! 

The act and process of giving should always be an occasion for joy. We’ve worked to make the giving process fun, secure, and simple. Now that you have enabled Smart Giving there are many creative ways to encourage generosity not just on Sunday but throughout the week as well. 


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