BEHIND Kindrid: What motivates us

Leighton Cusack, Kindrid’s Co-founder and CEO, shared the heart behind our mission at Praxis Academy a few years ago.


Praxis is a community and education-based venture group that's dedicated to supporting the next generation of faith-minded entrepreneurs. Just as the founders of Praxis saw a need to invest in the businesses that will shape tomorrow's society, we at Kindrid see a need to unleash generosity through the best in-class giving technology. We want to see the church known—once again—for generosity. That all starts with understanding the heart behind why and how we give.


"Why do churches use offering baskets instead of cash registers?"


There was a tangible pause in the room as the group of college kids thought about Leighton's question. Baskets and cash registers are equally capable of receiving gifts, so why don't we see a supermarket-style check out line at most churches?


It's simple, really. Giving is not a transaction.


The offering basket has long been a crucial part of giving. It's communal in the way it's passed around during the worship service. It's a symbol of trust, too. When's the last time you saw an offering basket with a lock and key? Yeah, neither have we.


Despite all its good, the offering basket has a fatal flaw in today's society: no one uses it.

As fewer and fewer churchgoers carry cash and checks, churches are seeing a decline in regular giving. Some moved to resources like Square and Paypal, but these platforms were hastily adapted to accommodate tithes and gifts. If giving's not a transaction, why would we give in the same way we buy a cup of coffee or purchase something off eBay?


Kindrid was founded with the hope of preserving the sanctity of giving.


As Leighton explained to the group at Praxis, we serve the local church in three key ways, by providing:


  1. Simple ways to facilitate giving
  2. Compelling ways to communicate giving
  3. Actionable ways to initiate giving


Taken together, churches can use these methods to celebrate and encourage giving while maintaining the physical act of worship.


We firmly believe that unleashing generosity benefits and changes the giver as much as it benefits and changes the world. Learn more about our philosophy and heart behind Smart Giving by checking out Leighton's talk for yourself!


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