Is your church abundance minded or scarcity minded?

Picture a birthday cake.


If you prefer pie or some sort of lemon tart, that works—anything sliceable will do.


Now, imagine that someone comes along and takes half of this delicious birthday cake. Your birthday cake. Some cake-lovers would think, "Now there isn't enough! I better claim the rest!"

Others, though, wouldn't stop at half. They'd offer up the whole thing, saying, "Take it! We can make more. There will definitely be enough."

Life.Church's Senior Pastor, Craig Groeschel thinks the cake-takers and the cake-givers represent two distinct modes of thought: scarcity thinking and abundance thinking.


When we're scarcity minded, it's hard to believe there are enough resources to go around. That makes giving a challenge.


When we're abundance minded, however, we trust in God's provision and giving becomes joyful. Life.Church—one of Kindrid's founding partners—is determined to be abundance minded.


Leadership at Life.Church passionately advocates the idea of irrational generosity. This kind of giving exceeds all modern sense expectations, yet it is exactly what Jesus calls us to when He says, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35). 


Irrational generosity is all about rounding up, or trusting God by challenging ourselves to give a little more time, money, or other resources than we think we're able to give. 


What about you? Is your church abundance minded or scarcity minded? The difference in these two mindsets is a good indicator of how your church will respond when it comes time to give.

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