Keep Your Congregation Engaged with Smart Giving

Your church decided to implement Smart Giving and your planning the rollout. As you think beyond the first few sundays, how do you keep the momentum going?

We want to help you and your church family get every possible benefit from Smart Giving. That’s why we already include free coaching, examples of other churches rolling out, and the 5 Keys to Rollout!

We strongly suggest that if you’re introducing Smart Giving to your church, you read our “5 Keys to Rollout” (found at the bottom of this page) before doing anything else.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the 5 Keys:

  1. Test it out for yourself.

  2. Explain the why to your church.

  3. Try it out during a service.

  4. Save your church’s Smart Giving number.

  5. Mention it regularly.

All of these are important but as you think to the weeks past the initial rollout, let’s expand on the last point, mentioning Smart Giving regularly.

This is the step that’s most often overlooked. If you don’t integrate Smart Giving instructions into all the places you talk about giving options, people may think it's not fully supported by the church and stop using it.

We have videos, printable cards, and slides, to help you enagage your congregation on an ongoing basis.

We suggest you give Smart Giving a place on your website, bulletin, announcements, and anywhere else you talk about generosity. Something as simple as putting an example of how to give via Smart Giving in the bottom left of the screen could have an incredible impact at your church. This is an easy way to integrate Smart Giving into your regular giving conversation.


Smart Giving makes a huge impact on the churches using it, but it won’t be useful if it isn’t rolled out in the right way. The first major resource for ensuring success is the 5 Keys to Roll out below.


If you have any unanswered questions, need some coaching, or have any feedback, contact Mark Schrader at or 616-419-8812.


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