Leveraging Instagram for your next church giving campaign

We gave you the rundown on some of the best tech tools for church admins. Now we want to dig in a little deeper and share specific advice and practical takeaways, one tool at a time. First up, Instagram.


Whether you’re a committed ‘grammer or still wondering what all the fuss is about over this wildly popular visual social network, here are a few tips to help you leverage Instagram for your next church giving campaign.


1. Know your audience

Just like you wouldn’t send a text to a landline, not every message works across every medium.  Armed with some basic knowledge about Instagram’s users, you’ll be able to create a call to action that resonates with your followers and inspires generosity to meet the need. So who exactly are the instagrammers out there?


  • Young adults: 53% of people between the ages of 18-29 are on Instagram
  • College-educated: 55% graduated from or have some college experience 
  • City dwellers and suburbanites: 54% of individuals who live in urban and suburban centers post on Instagram

2. Define your call to action (and give it an internet home)

Clearly define your call to action (i.e. give to a specific cause, sign-up for a volunteer event, gather contributions for a food drive) and include a link to it in your bio so followers can actually take that action. It may be your church’s online giving option, a landing page explaining the campaign in more detail, or even something as simple as a Google Form to collect sign-ups. K-Love used a screenshot to explain how to give by text, with more intructions linked in their bio. 


Use an Instagram post as an instructional call to action!

Insider Tip: The words “link in bio” are about to become your best friends. Instagram posts (without advertising $$ behind them) can’t be hyperlinked. But you are allowed to put customizable links in your profile. Paste the link to your church’s giving page in your Instagram profile before posting the call to action.


3. Take your time finding the right image

People love Instagram for its predominately positive images. It can be tempting to use scare tactics or dramatic imagery, but chances are it won’t inspire heart-felt generosity. Instead, find a positive picture that represents your giving campaign and overlay it with text explaining the campaign using Canva or the Studio app.  Don’t forget to include your church’s logo at the bottom center or right if you anticipate followers reposting the image.


Insider Tip: Use warm tones such as red and yellow and avoid filters that increase saturation or add old-timey effects.  Some of the best Instagram filters are: (1) Mayfair (2) Rise (3) Valencia. Always remember to include the "link in bio" as your call to action! If you’re looking for a more natural look, try 

downloading VSCO from the app store, editing your picture there, and saving it to your camera roll before opening it in Instagram.


4. Keep it short

Put your call to action in the caption of the photo and don’t forget those magic words “link in bio.” 

Make sure to include any relevant information about your giving campaign while keeping the description to 100-200 characters (including hashtags!)


Insider Tip:  Hashtags can be a great way to gain some traction for your campaign, but don’t go crazy.  Stick with 2 hashtags. Same goes for Emojis. The golden rule for these fun icons is 1-2, or less, per post.


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