Meet Lifepoint Church


Quick facts

  • Location: Fredericksburg, VA

  • Congregation size: 5,000+

  • Joined Kindrid: March 20, 2014

  • Church Management Software: Church Community Builder

  • Leadership: Pastor Daniel Floyd and Lori Diehr, Bookkeeper




Lead pastor Daniel Floyd reminds his congregation that Lifepoint doesn’t exist to entertain its own members, but to bring Christ’s love to those who don’t yet know Him.


“One of our core values is that it’s not about us,” said Lori Diehr, Lifepoint’s Bookkeeper and former Database Admin.


Their powerful mission statement drives everything they do, from the programs they offer to the way they spend their money:





Church body

The church’s missional community has drawn in a crowd. Since 2005, they’ve exploded to 5,200 members, mostly Generation X and younger, across 6 campuses.


Those 5,200 aren’t just attendees. More than half are dedicated volunteers, devoted to welcoming the lost into the body of Christ.



Growing a Culture of Radical Generosity



Giving philosophy

Generosity is an essential component to Lifepoint’s mission. Pastor Daniel dreams of the Church becoming a movement of radical generosity.


How would it change the world around us if the Church became this movement of radical generosity in the lives of the people that all of you encounter,” he says, “That’s tens of thousands of people that would be impacted. How would it change people’s perceptions of Jesus and who the Church is if we became rich in good deeds, generous, and willing to share?


Lifepoint Church gives extravagantly, both in terms of manpower and in money.



Giving away: Time—Outreach

Lifepoint’s robust outreach program offers countless opportunities to serve in their communities, across the nation, and throughout the world. They partner with local and global organizations like Samaritan’s Purse, A21, and One Child Matters.


The Dream Team, Lifepoint’s group of committed volunteers, numbers 2,644 and counting. Because of the Dream Team’s massive impact, Lifepoint is able to keep their staff headcount and personnel spending relatively low. With just 63 employees on staff, only 33% of 2017 spending went to personnel, compared to the 49% average of churches their size.


That margin in their budget empowers Lifepoint Church to model generosity by giving away a tenth of everything they receive.



Giving Away: Money—Returning the Tithe and Beyond

Pastor Daniel preaches generosity because “life is better when Jesus is first.” Returning the tithes and giving offerings is a practical method of experiencing a fuller, Jesus-led life.


“When I put God first and return my tithe to Him, it helps me understand that everything I have comes from Him,” Pastor Daniel shares. “I want to steward it in a way that honors Him. It gives me eyes of gratitude.”


He doesn’t only preach generosity, Lifepoint’s pastor models it.


“I use text-to-give here at the church. I text-to-give as soon as I get paid. It’s the first thing I do—before my mortgage, life insurance, before my taxes—before anything else gets paid, I return the tithe to God first.”


Pastor Daniel encourages people to try a 90-Day Tithing Challenge.


“If you don’t see God move in your life, we’ll give it all back. In a decade of ministry, we’ve never had anyone ask for their money back.”


There are plenty of opportunities to experience the joy of giving. Pastor Daniel periodically delivers sermons about giving. Each year, he invites people to make a difference in eternity by participating in the year-end giving push, Heart for the House.


Pastor Daniel even champions the Kingdom Builders program for those who are called and equipped to give above the tithe. It funds expansion campaigns, local and global missions, disaster relief, church planting, and more.


“Everyone has gifts, and there’s a gift of giving!” Lori said, “Some people are ready to give, they just need to know what they’re giving towards.”



Financial accountability

Lifepoint leadership proactively celebrates the impact of giving. They never want givers to wonder whether their sacrifice is really making a difference.


Lori explained, “Any time there's a special offering, for a special campaign or a natural disaster, and a pastor always announce the impact of their giving.”


Lifepoint is also transparent about money management, believing every dollar given to Lifepoint is a sacrifice that requires the highest level of accountability and stewardship. They voluntarily undergo an annual audit by a CPA firm.


Lifepoint even produces Annual Vision Reports including exact figures for dollars received and how those dollars were spent or saved. See Lifepoint Church’s 2017 Annual Report here.



Behind the scenes

Lifepoint ensures taking steps to generosity is simple. The staff carefully selected their digital giving tools to reduce administrative burden and increase giver engagement.


Transitioning to Kindrid

In 2017, Lifepoint switched church management software from Arena to Church Community Builder (CCB).


Since their online giving could no longer run through Paypal + Arena, they researched other options, narrowing it down to two of CCB’s preferred service providers, Pushpay and BluePay.


At the last hour, we called Kindrid, said Lori, “We’d used Kindrid for text giving since 2014 and our executive pastor loved how Kindrid’s integration looked with our app.”


Because of Kindrid’s impressive giving interface and integrations, and because of the testimony of other churches that had walked through similar transitions, Lifepoint decided to move all their digital giving to Kindrid.


They began the transition to Kindrid in early 2018, sending weekly emails to recurring givers with instructions on how to make the switch. They updated their website, pre-service loop, and video announcements with Kindrid giving instructions.


The transition was nerve-wracking for the administrative staff, but they were quickly encouraged by the congregation’s quick adoption. A few months after the transition, Lori reported a few unresponsive recurring givers who still need to move to Kindrid, but she isn’t sweating it:


“We’ve contacted them over and over, but we just learned that we can copy their spouses on our emails, so we’re getting a better response now,” Lori laughed.



What Lifepoint thinks of Kindrid

Bookkeeper Diehr is very pleased with Kindrid. She especially appreciates the quick solutions from the Support team. The integration with Church Community Builder and the ease-of-use save her time and headaches.


“I’m the one that deals with Kindrid. If someone has a question about how to use Kindrid, I’m the one who helps them. But, it’s so easy to use that hardly anyone has questions!”



Giving impact

During the initial transition period, Lori said their total giving was a bit down, but some of that was due to confusion with ACH deposit times. Givers adopted Kindrid quickly, and Lifepoint has seen their processing through Kindrid grow exponentially.


In January 2018, Lifepoint’s monthly giving through Kindrid was $137,000. Two months later, they started averaging $600,000 in monthly digital giving. That's a 338% increase in gifts!

From January through July 2018, Lifepoint Church has engaged 1,893 digital givers and received 17,094 gifts, 619 of which are active recurring gifts.

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