Making Generosity Personal

Logos Community Church recently rolled out Smart Giving and one giver shared their experience in the newsletter below.

They did a great job articulating one often overlooked benefit of a platform built around giving rather than transacting. Read it below and see what you think.

I have always been a check giver. I like writing that check, signing my name and placing it in the offering plate during the service. I feel connected to my giving when I give this way. It’s personal. It’s a physical act of worship.

I have always avoided giving online. I tell myself that it’s because of the fee that the church is charged for this giving method. Why set up a giving account when the church won’t get all of my offering? What I’ve realized, though, it that giving online for me is too much like paying a bill. I put in my information, I set my amount to be paid each month and then walk away. It’s forgotten. Sure, the church gets my offering, but I no longer have a connection to it. For me, it becomes an obligation rather than an act of worship.
This past Sunday, I tried out text giving just for fun. But something unexpected happened. As I was putting in the phone number, creating a new contact, and adding my debit card info, I experienced a sense of joy and satisfaction. Was the church still getting charged a fee for this? Yes. So, why was this different? It’s because texting is personal. I text all the time with the people that God has brought into my life. We share joy, sorrow, and need with the click of a keyboard. As I sent off my giving text into digital space, I was thanking the Lord for the finances He had given me. I was worshipping Him for His continued love and provision for me. It was personal.

As always, if you have questions about Smart Giving, email or learn more on our website.

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