Our new gift receipt designs are cleaner, customizable, and keep givers informed whether you want to say thank you or alert them their card is expired.

monthly product releases from Kindrid (April 2020)

Kindrid’s giving platform experienced some great updates this month. We appreciate our customers working with us and providing valuable input as we continue to build the best church giving platform. It’s important to us that product updates are a direct result of feedback from the ministries we gratefully serve.


Here’s what’s new!


Email Templates Got a Facelift!

Enjoy the same functionality for customizing an email, but with a more attractive layout for the recipient.


Email Templates and Gift Receipts



Gift Receipts and Confirmation

The receipt for gifts will continue to have an editable message within the new layout.



Thank you for your gift



Welcome New Donors

The fresh design of the New Donor email template is more welcoming and easy to scan.



email template welcome WL



Thank Recurring Givers

Customize your thank you message to recurring givers in a more attractive and memorable gift receipt.



KIN thank you for recurring  gifts!



Expired Card Alert

The new Expired Card receipt is informative and guides people to update their card. 



KIN expired card message



Don’t forget to swing by next month for our latest product releases and to see a sneak peek at what’s on the roadmap. 

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