New Barna Research on Importance of Text Giving for Churches

A new research report by The Barna Group shows how important a text giving solution is in order to engage the next generation of your Church. 

"Another way to spark Millennial giving is to reach them where they are, which in many cases, is on their mobile phones. Nearly one out of every 10 of all Millennials say they text to donate at least once a month, which doubles among practicing Christian Millennials to two out of 10.

The traditional tithing envelope or donation request mailings that have worked for their parents and grandparents don’t seem to work for a generation as mobile as Millennials. Yet as the data show, this doesn’t mean Millennials never give financially. But it may mean for this generation on the go, moving from job to job and city to city, digital donations are a preferred method.”

How Technology is Changing Millennial Faith

At Kindrid, we’ve always believed making giving easier and more enjoyable increases total generosity. Now we also have research showing the same conclusions! 

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