New guide: Choosing the right digital giving solution for my church

Digital giving is more important to churches than ever before. Today, not providing your givers with a digital option is like refusing cash offerings.


Equipping your givers with a digital option is, for many, the only way they’ll ever be able to give.


Chances are your church already knows that and you’re facing this question:


Which digital giving solution is best for my church?


In this guide, Kindrid Co-founder and CEO, Leighton Cusack, will walk you through what you need to know and how to tell if you've found the right match for your church. 



  • Comparison chart of the biggest digital giving providers
  • Questions and guidelines to clarify the process
  • A note from our co-founder and ceo
  • The most important factors to consider

Learn which questions to ask and factors to consider before choosing a digital giving solution for your church


Equip yourself with the factors you should know and the questions you should ask before choosing your church's digital giving solution. Download the guide to get started! 

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