Redeemer City to City

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This is our fist installment in a series highlighting the awesome organizations who use Kindrid to fundraise. And we’re giving you the opportunity to help out, too!


Redeemer City to City 
Imagine you’re one of the five million people who moves into a city every month. What percentage of the people in your city attend an Evangelical Christian Church?

If you live in New York City, it’s 3%, if you’re in London it’s 2% and if you’re in Tokyo it’s a mere 0.4%.


And why does that matter? Cities are strategic. They are the epicenter of culture, activity and production that attracts people from different geographies, economies, ethnicities and world views. Cities are receptive to radically new ideas and change — like the Gospel. If we want to reach the world for Christ, the place to start is in the city. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Tim Keller tells us a little bit about why cities matter:



So how do we reach the cities? We reach them through sustainable church planting and that’s why we’re excited to spotlight Redeemer City to City’s new campaign, God Loves Cities.


God Loves Cities sends 100% of money raised straight into renewable grants to start new churches. The campaign is just getting started, and they’re raising money to fund 20 churches over the next 12 months. Each church that receives a renewable grant will give money back over time to their city fund in order to start more new churches in the same city. And as that happens more and more, new churches will pop up all over the city. So, really, by helping start 1 church, you’ve also helped start 3.


Want to get involved? simply text the amount of money you want to give to 646-392-8188. If you want to give to a specific church plant add one of the following keywords: New York, Brussels, Mumbai, New York, Sydney or Paris.


Redeemer City to City is the church planting arm of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.


Remember, fill out your credit card info one time and you can give at anytime with a single text.


All you need to do now is pick what your favorite city and follow the steps below.



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