Review & Testimonials Part 2

Last week we shared one specific review from Winston Salem First. This week we have a couple new ones. If you have a review or feedback to share with us please email us at and we’ll share it on our blog! 

"The guys and start up process at Kindrid have been as customer focused as we could possibly ask for. It actually felt like we didn’t have to do anything to get it up and running. That’s how smooth and concentrated our friends at Kindrid are. It was a great experience."

- Pastor Jack Thomas, LifeStone Church 

I’ve always felt the church should lead the way in leveraging technology, especially when it can help people with generosity. Today, we can purchase products and services with a single click or tap. It only makes sense that we approach giving and generosity with the same level of simplicity and speed. It’s great to see companies and products like Kindrid, which are designed specifically to empower churches in engaging this generation in generosity.
- Bobby Gruenewald, Founder YouVersion

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