Reviews & Testimonials

We often have Churches ask us for testimonials from our current Church Partners. We wanted to share one we recently received from Winston Salem First

It’s exciting for us to see the impact of partnering with Churches to provide elegant giving solutions. We’d love to work with more Churches to create stories like the below! 

"We get a screen shot of the number of donors and overall amount in real time. Our offering totals have seen a double digit increase since we implemented Kindred. This is a God-send to churches that have engaged the "next gen" in a serious way!

Every Lead Pastor needs to take Kindred seriously. There’s no extra work on our accounting team. The deposits go directly into our bank account in record time. Documenting gifts is easier than any other online provider according to our office team. Small churches with volunteer bookkeepers, church plants and large churches alike should implement this solution. This tool connects with the heart of the next generation and provides a way for immediate engagement. No more cumbersome log ins or passwords to remember. This tool has recaptured the joy of giving and provided a way for all our people to give at the same time during the service.”

- Pastor Mike Rakes 

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