Smart Giving by Text Rollout

We love sharing examples of successful church rollouts. Bethel Church in Redding California did a particularly good job rolling out with our 5-digit Smart Giving number. 

Bethel started with the why behind Smart Giving. The first 30 seconds of the video explains why they’re introducing this new method of giving before explaining how it works.

Then, they clearly explain how to send a gift via text message and how to designate those gifts for particular purposes. All of this is supported with clear instructions on their website.

If you’re church is interested in rolling out Smart Giving at your church, use the link below to access our 5 Keys to a Successful Rollout, along with examples of other church rollouts.

5 Keys to Successful Rollout

If you’re ready to get started and introduce Smart Giving to your own congregation, choose a time to talk with someone from our team or shoot us an email:

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