Smart Giving Impact

Kindrid Smart Giving is a new way for churches to unleash generosity. It opens a culturally relevant giving channel to engage people inclined to give, but without an easy way to do so.

The results of opening the new Smart Giving channel surprised us. Kindrid currently works with hundreds of churches across 39 states and we wanted to share some of the interesting trends we’ve identified. 

1. Active churches* using Kindrid saw their Smart Giving grow an average of 5.6% between April and May.

When hurdles are removed, engagement increases. Most churches are familiar with the “Summer giving slump,” but Kindrid Smart Giving enables a simple way to give even when your church members are out of town. Summer is just getting started but, so far, overall giving is increasing for churches using Kindrid. 

2. The average gift through Smart Giving is $118.11 (six week rolling basis)

Many people believe mobile donations equate to small gifts. Our focus on communicating how to give and security proves people are comfortable giving more than just $10 donations through their phones. 

3. 48.9% of donations happen on days other than Sunday (six week rolling basis)

When people have the ability to give immediately and spontaneously, it opens up new horizons of generosity. People can give when they feel inspired, not just on Sunday mornings. 

Outside of Sundays the most popular donation day is Friday—when people get their paychecks. 


Maybe you’re hesitant to offer Smart Giving at your church, but based on our data, we know this can open up a new channel of generosity. We’re completely focused on serving the needs of the local church and we know introducing the Smart Giving tool will make a difference for you this summer. 

If you’re interested in learning more, we'd love to talk with you and explore the impact Smart Giving could have at your church. 

*Active churches are defined as churches receiving more than $1,000 per month via Smart Giving. 

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