There’s a new way to be generous.

We’ve taken the offering plate, as it was, digitized it and made it universal. We’ve taken the collection hat and transported it into the hands of everyone around you. So listen up people, no longer do you need to worry about having cash, or concern yourself with how to write a check. From now on the only thing we’ll need to ask ourselves is “what awesome organizations do we want to be a part of today?”


We’re problem solvers at heart and solutions are what we provide. You wanted an easy way to give, and well, here it is. 


Step 1: Text any amount to a partnering organization.

Step 2: Follow the link and complete the onetime form. 

Step 3: Save that # and donate again with a single text.


The day may come where an App makes sense for the best giving solution, but today is not that day. For now we can offer generosity in a text, because what’s easier than that? Change at your fingertips. We’ve translated the giving experience for you. We’ve torn up the need for checks and replaced them with a single text. 


Our two main goals are to: 

1. Provide the simplest way to give.

2. Help churches and organizations spread the word about the impact they’re creating.


*A big shout out to Lucas Smith, a good friend and even more talented musician for providing this incredible original piece of music. 

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