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A Simpler Way to Manage Designations and Locations

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How Seacoast Rallied Around Churches in the Louisiana Flood Zone

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Adding Smart Giving to Your Church/Nonprofit's Facebook Page

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How Does My Church's Giving Page Stack Up?

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8 gift ideas for Pastor appreciation month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and the perfect time to celebrate all the hard work they do throughout the year. Here are 8 ideas to help you show your pastor gratitude for everything they do day-in and day-out.


3 Simple Steps for a Last Minute Giving Tuesday 2017

With the holidays nearly here, your church may not have planned much for this day of generosity. While we're just a little shy of week away from #GivingTuesday, there's still time to rally your church and ride the momentum into year-end giving!


Get the Most Out of Year-End Giving

Over 30% of all church giving happens during the last 3 months of the year, with 17% in December alone. That's A LOT of generosity, but what if we could raise the percentage with just a little extra planning? Grab our Year-End Giving Bundle to learn how!

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Giving Away Your Church’s Biggest Offering

Over the last 8 years, Community Christian dedicates the offering from the first weekend of each fiscal year to a ministry outside their own. And it's totally changed the way their church gives.

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Planting a Church? Ask Your Launch Team to Give

Generosity needs to be part of our churches' DNA. That's why we encourage planters to foster a culture of generosity within their launch teams, long before launch Sunday. Check out our tips for doing that with your team!

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Exponential Challenge: Celebrate Gratitude

While gratitude may not need to be present in order for someone to give, it is necessary if that giving will ever transform into generosity. That's why we challenged Exponential Chicago to practice some gratitude!

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Inside the Offering: Richard Morgan | Church of the Good Samaritan

Inside the Offering looks at some of the toughest issues facing the church—giving and generosity—with the pastors and leaders working through them.

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Planning Your Church's Year End Giving Campaign

Want to make the most of year-end giving? Your church needs a plan. It doesn’t have to be crazy complicated, but some clear communication, an easy giving solution, and a little forethought can inspire incredible generosity!

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Your Church's 2016 Giving Tuesday Blueprint

Want your church to participate in #GivingTuesday, but not sure how to get started? We’ve got your 2016 Giving Tuesday blueprint ready to go!

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5 Reasons Why a Year End Giving Strategy Should be Your #1 Priority

Generis shares practical reasons to invest in your church's year end giving strategy!

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What Happens When the Church Loves Generosity

We're joining the Life.Church Open Network in celebrating why #WeLoveTheLocalChurch and what can happen when the church loves generosity!

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Activating Your Church at a Moment's Notice

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Celebration Church decided to BE the Church to their local community. Learn how you can too.

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Inside the Offering: Dr. Karl Eastlack | Penn-Jersey District of the Wesleyan Church

Inside the Offering looks at some of the toughest issues facing the church—giving and generosity—with the pastors and leaders working through them.

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Engaging Different Types of Givers in Your Ministry

If you want to create a real and lasting culture of generosity, you need to appeal to the four different types of givers and make the act of giving personal and meaningful to each type.

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Inside the Offering: Van Moody | The Worship Center

Inside the Offering looks at some of the toughest issues facing the church—giving and generosity—with the pastors and leaders working through them.

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How Seacoast Rallied Around Churches in the Louisiana Flood Zone

With less than 12 hours notice, Seacoast Church raised $20,000 to support the churches and families affected by the floods. See how they did it.

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Church Giving Audit: Are We Communicating with our Givers Relationally or Transactionally?

The language around giving matters—at every level. Assess whether you're fostering a relationship between your givers and your church, or, if you're treating giving more like a transaction.

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Celebrating Giving in Our Churches

We celebrate when people make the decision to start their journey with Christ. We celebrate through worship music and baptism. We celebrate making an impact in our community and around the world. Why not celebrate giving too?

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Watch: Giving & Generosity in the Church with Rusty Lewis | Generis

In this 15 minute segment, we ask Rusty Lewis questions that get at the heart of what it means to encourage greater giving engagement and generosity in your church.

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Watch: Giving & Generosity in the Church with Jay Fowler | PastorServe

A 15 minute interview with Jay Fowler, Executive Director of the Midwest Region of PastorServe. He shares his heart for pastors and why he believes it's so important for leadership to model generosity.

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Why It's So Important for Pastors to Model Generosity

The Executive Director of the Midwest Region of PastorServe shares why it's absolutely crucial for pastors to model generosity for their congregations.

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Five Dollars: Stories of Big Impact from a Small Gift

We believe generosity changes the world, even if it’s small. That’s why we give away hundreds of $5 Starbucks® cards, asking those who receive to give to another in return. Check out the stories!

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BEHIND Kindrid: What motivates us

Our cofounder and CEO shared the vision behind Kindrid during a talk to college kids. Learn what makes us tick and why we think it's so important.

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Inside the Offering: Pastor Jeff Manion | Ada Bible Church

Inside the Offering looks at some of the toughest issues facing the church—giving and generosity—with the pastors and leaders working through them.

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A New Year's resolution worth keeping

Practical tips to turn what may have started as an ambitious and well-­intentioned New Year's resolution into a sustainable lifestyle choice.

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Book Review: The Giver and the Gift, with actionable takeaways for your church

Leverage key takeaways to flip the way your church talks about giving from a transactional monologue to a collaborative dialogue.

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Generosity & gratitude, 3/3: 5 Ways to model gratitude as a church

Need creative ways to thank your givers? 5 ways to express gratitude and reinforce generosity. The final post in a series of three.

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Generosity & gratitude, 2/3: Why you always need to thank your givers

Why do we need to thank the givers in our church? Second in a series of three.

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Generosity & gratitude, 1/3: You can’t have one without the other

What's the relationship between gratitude and generosity and why is it so important to express one just as frequently as the other? First in a series of three.

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Unleash Joy giveaway: See who won 200 Starbucks gift cards!

Want to find out who won 200 Starbucks gift cards and how you can experience the joy of generosity in your own church? Read on.

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3 Ideas for year end giving that inspires year long giving

If you're overwhelmed with year end giving and need ideas to inspire your congregation, we have three that might help!

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Experiencing the joy of generosity this Christmas is easier than you think

Enter for a chance to win 200 Starbucks gift cards and engage your church in a transformational generosity experience!

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Church responds to refugee crisis with irrational generosity

A California church raised over $50,000 through Smart Giving for persecuted refugees. See how they did it.

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7 Ways to activate your church for #GivingTuesday

Wondering how to get your church involved in #GivingTuesday? Check out some of our ideas!

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Millennial givers: 3 takeaways to keep them engaged

Learn how to leverage millennials' unique tendencies to create a robust culture of generosity at your church.

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Walking in generosity: A tour of good music and giving

The Walking Guys, a Nashville based band, tell of the unexpected generosity they've experienced walking the tour down the East Coast.

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Raising $1 million in 12 hrs: 5 lessons churches can learn from HONY

How Humans of New York used technology to mobilize millions in giving­­-virtually overnight.

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Inspiration Award: Why generosity can't be cancelled

What do you do when a severe snowstorm threatens to close your doors on Sunday morning?


Theology of Smart Giving: Why don't we use cash registers in church? (Part 1)

Why don't we use cash registers in church? Because giving isn't a transaction.


Q&A with Rusty Lewis: 'Churches are creating obstacles to giving'

Generis' Rusty Lewis shares his thoughts about why the church is creating obstacles to giving if they don't have a mobile alternative.

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5 Questions to ask and answer before choosing a text giving service

Choosing a text giving service is an intimidating process. Conversations with partners revealed five big concerns and what it took to convince them.

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How to Keep Your Church Engaged with Giving This Summer

Summer giving is, on average, 13% lower than the previous three months! How can your church keep people engaged this summer? We have a few ideas.


Building a Culture of Generosity vs. Increasing Giving

Are you increasing giving at your church or increasing generosity? We'll examine why you might be confusing the two.


Church Planters: 5 Effective Ways to Help Raise Money

Church planters have a hard task in front of them. We want to make it easier with these tips to increase giving at your church plant!


8 Stories to Inspire a Lifestyle of Generosity

Dive into 8 stories meant to inspire generosity at your church or nonprofit!


The Generosity Ladder

Learn about Generous Church's "Generosity Ladder" and how you can challenge your givers to climb higher towards a lifestyle of generosity.


Making Generosity Personal

A Smart Giver shares her experience tithing by text!


There’s a new way to be generous.

Generosity looks a little different today than it did a decade ago. Make sure your church is ready to engage this new generation of givers!