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A Simpler Way to Manage Designations and Locations

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How Seacoast Rallied Around Churches in the Louisiana Flood Zone

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Adding Smart Giving to Your Church/Nonprofit's Facebook Page

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How Does My Church's Giving Page Stack Up?

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11 Ways to Beat the summer slump (once and for all!)

Beat the summer slump (once and for all!) by applying these 11 tips proven to unleash next level generosity and participation.

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Get the Most Out of Year-End Giving

Over 30% of all church giving happens during the last 3 months of the year, with 17% in December alone. That's A LOT of generosity, but what if we could raise the percentage with just a little extra planning? Grab our Year-End Giving Bundle to learn how!

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How to Avoid Paying 28 Hidden Fees for Your Church's Giving Provider

Trying to figure out which giving provider is the best fit for your church? Make sure your team knows about these 28 (usually hidden!) fees and what you need to ask to find out if they're included, before the first invoice.

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6 Musts for Every Church Website

Good news: it’s cheaper and easier than ever to build a great looking website. Bad news: you no longer have an excuse to have a poor church website. Make sure your church follows these 6 website musts!

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Planning Your Church's Year End Giving Campaign

Want to make the most of year-end giving? Your church needs a plan. It doesn’t have to be crazy complicated, but some clear communication, an easy giving solution, and a little forethought can inspire incredible generosity!

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Your Church's 2016 Giving Tuesday Blueprint

Want your church to participate in #GivingTuesday, but not sure how to get started? We’ve got your 2016 Giving Tuesday blueprint ready to go!

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6 Steps to Establish Your Church's Social Media Strategy

Sly King shares practical takeaways and advice from his experience building The Worship Center's online ministry, from the ground up. The final installment in a series of 3.

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Your Church is Online...Now What?

Sly King shares practical takeaways and advice from his experience building The Worship Center's online ministry, from the ground up. 2 in a series of 3.

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Activating Your Church at a Moment's Notice

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Celebration Church decided to BE the Church to their local community. Learn how you can too.

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Transitioning from MinistryGive to Smart Giving

Wondering how to transition your giving from MinistryGive to Smart Giving? Here are some FAQs to get you started.

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New guide: Choosing the right digital giving solution for my church

Brimming with advice, practical comparisons, and helpful definitions, discover how to choose the right digital giving solution for your church.

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3 Ideas for year end giving that inspires year long giving

If you're overwhelmed with year end giving and need ideas to inspire your congregation, we have three that might help!

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7 Ways to activate your church for #GivingTuesday

Wondering how to get your church involved in #GivingTuesday? Check out some of our ideas!

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Millennial givers: 3 takeaways to keep them engaged

Learn how to leverage millennials' unique tendencies to create a robust culture of generosity at your church.

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New guide: 5 Steps for launching something at your church

With over 1,000 churches served, we know what great rollouts look like. Here are 5 steps you can use to launch new initiatives at your church.

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Church admins, reclaim your time with these 3 daily productivity hacks

Kindrid's compiled some of the best tech tools to help our church admins work to the best of their abilities.


Scheduled Giving Made Simple

Smart Giving just got a whole lot smarter! Scheduled giving means more consistency for your givers...and your church!


5 C’s to Overcoming the Communication Barrier to Giving

Sometimes, the way we communicate about giving actually limits our effectiveness. Learn how you can change your approach to invite more people to give!


Keep Your Congregation Engaged with Smart Giving

Explore 5 keys to keep givers engaged and using Smart giving, long after rollout!


7 Common Questions about Smart Giving

Find the answers to some of the questions you might have about Smart Giving.


ACS Integration Live!

Smart Giving seamlessly integrates with ACS Church Management software! Check out this free guide to get started.

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New “How-to-Give” Video

Share Smart Giving with your church using this new instructional video!

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