Transitioning to Give.Church

Often, what starts as a workable digital giving solution for your church doesn’t always continue to serve the needs of a growing congregation or shifting strategies. When that happens, it only makes sense to reevaluate your options.


Yet even if you find a new company or product you like better than your existing one, the prospect of transitioning your givers and systems to a new giving platform can be daunting.


This is one concern we hear from many churches considering Give.Church over their current digital giving solution: 


How do I transition my givers and giving to Give.Church?


Especially when it comes to something that impacts the bottom line so greatly, churches want to know what we do to make the transition as seamless as our giving experience.


In this guide, we’ll walk you through our recommended rollout plan, give you examples of other churches who transitioned their givers, and equip you with the actual materials that will set you up for success.


Download the guide to get started! 



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