Why you can't out give God

What if we texted our tithes before we spent our paychecks on rent, buying groceries, or going out to dinner? What if we gave immediately, even if we felt like we couldn’t afford it?

These were some of the questions that fueled Jessi Green of Liberty Church in New York City as she dared her friends and her congregation to give with greater self-abandonment and more faithful focus on provision.

“I challenged my community group—any time you need money, give right away through Smart Giving. Even if it’s only a buck.”

One woman, a freelancer, had struggled to give consistently because the nature of her work was so intermittent. But Jessi encouraged her, “Give right away; don’t wait. Give for a month and see what happens.”  

Jessi Green of Liberty Church says Smart Giving completely shifted her perspective on tithingStepping out in faith, the woman received $50 from a client and texted $5, sending a screenshot to Jessi as a visible form of accountability. Over the following two weeks, Jessi’s phone would light up with new screenshots, again and again, each gift larger than the last.

Jessi remembered receiving the texts, “She’d get $200, so she tithed $20, and $500 the next time so she texted $50. Ever since taking that leap of faith, God always gives her more than enough to provide for her finances.”  

Overwhelmed by what a difference texting her tithe made in one woman’s life, Jessi shared the story with other girls in similar situations, like a hotel concierge who was inspired to do the same.

This woman decided to give every time she received a tip. She sent Jessi screenshots too. 

The girls loved capturing their tithes by screenshot because it felt like a tangible testimony of God’s faithfulness. Jessi loved it too.  

Emboldened by her friends, Jessi took some time to think about her own giving. As a household, she and her husband already tithed together. But she was convicted that maybe she could give more.

A small business owner, Jessi decided she wanted to tithe the first fruits of her agency's work. She’s been just as astonished at God’s provision as her friends.

She explained in excitement, “Money would come into my business account, and I would tithe before taxes. I got so many more and better clients once I started tithing from my business.” Jessi even lost a client, but texted her gift anyway—the same amount she would have if she still retained the account. God blessed her obedience, “He replaced that client I lost with someone who paid double.”       

In our conversation, Jessi drove the point home that while we all know we should give, there’s something remarkable that happens when it’s your first fruit.

Jessi emphasized an interesting difference between traditional giving and Smart Giving, one that requires a deep level of trust.

“As soon as I deposit money into my account, I use Smart Giving at the bank. Making it the first thing you do when the money goes into your account requires faith. You can’t just put aside a check or cash for Sunday and use it that week, if you really need it. Texting that gift immediately means you have to rely on God.”

As someone who carries her phone everywhere, Jessi loves that her giving goes with her too, “Whenever I have that feeling of fear about finances, pulling up the Smart Giving convo is a great reminder of God’s faithfulness in the past.” With each confirmation text after she tithes, Jessi can scroll through the ways God provided, knowing He’ll do it again.

“Smart Giving was a complete paradigm shift in the way I give—I tell everyone to do it. I can’t explain it other than that we’ve been so blessed through it. You can really trust God with your finances—you can’t out give Him.”

Jessi Green testifies at Liberty Church in NYC

We loved talking with Jessi and are inspired by her and her friends’ faithfulness in tithing their first fruits. Over the next month, we’ll explore more of their stories and we’d be thrilled to send them to you—just subscribe to our blog up above.

If you want to learn more about Smart Giving, watch the demos below or email us at support@kindrid.com.

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